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Travelling around


Yasawa's in Fiji

Places of interest, well known or otherwise

These islands all have their own unique style and character to them. Discovering what's in store for you is all part of the fun in your planning and research, you will be time dependent as to what you can achieve on each island and island hopping in particular will leave you always wanting on a short time frame.

You can spend a day or a week at each island and still find you have missed out on something. Plan what it is you would like from each island and remember certain times of the year these things may be closed or out of season. Like swimming with the manta rays or hatching of the turtles.

Many people come to the Yasawa's for peace and solitude and others come for the diving and snorkelling.


We could again mention the Sawa-I-Lau caves at the northern Yasawa's, the shark snorkelling and spear fishing at Naqalia, the wrecks off Paradise Cove, or even hiking on summit walks as must do activities but each island will show their hidden secrets of what they have to offer.

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7. Do's and dont's

What we or other recommend whilst taking on an adventure like this.

Do your planning and research, like with any travel you embark on, there is so much information around to find on places you might like to go and the Yasawa's are no exception. With the right planning and research you will discover this little known gem before it changes too much.

Do click on Google maps and zoom into places. There are many places to go to that are not in all the travel brochures or easy to find just by surfing the net.

Do try and get some perspective of distances and how long it will take you to get around. You could find you are missing out on a lot.

Do chat to the staff and locals. Most of the staff are locals and have in depth knowledge of what is about and where to go. Nip across to another island in a small boat. Find out where the villages are. Is there a homestay you could try. Can we Crashpack?

Do ask "where are the best places to snorkel." Many people just snorkel along the shoreline and miss the best near the drop offs.

Do check if your island resort has or can organise its own transfer or is included in the package or deal.

Do add a little extra time to your itinerary. This is such a lovely part of the world and you may like to stay just a little longer in paradise.



Don't forget to make sure you check with your transfer companies how much weight you can take on board, especially small craft/vessels, (this usually isn't a problem in the Yasawa's} but do ask your transfer company, especially seaplanes if your allowance is the same as the jumbo jet you arrived on.

Don't leave your luggage unattended wherever you are. People get complacent whilst travelling and forget themselves.

Don't rush. You WILL leave something behind and find yourselves in a bit of a pickle.

Don't forget, you are going to islands, some very small at that. Most have minor provisions but there are no department stores in the Yasawa's, make sure you are well prepared.

Don't forget your camera. The Yasawa's are beautiful, like the rest of Fiji. Click away to your hearts content, have fun and enjoy yourselves. Invest in an underwater camera, you won't regret it.

As always we could quite literally write a book on this lovely archipelago we visited but wanted to bring you just a little of what we both personally sampled as we got to see a little more of the Yasawa Islands in Fiji.

Well there it is, a little piece of heaven!

"The Yasawa's Fiji."

We hope this information is of some use and enthuses you to getoutgotravel this wonderful region of the world.

If you are thinking of travelling to Fiji and the Yasawa's and would like to know more about our travels, or have any questions. Feel free to email us at:-

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