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About The Team

Dougie's blurb


Hi all my name is Douglas Alderton. Born in London UK lived and worked there up until 2004, where I immigrated to Australia and have lived permanently proudly as an Australian citizen on the Gold Coast to date.


My background in work is varied but I started out as a carpenter, worked through the ranks of Foreman, Contracts Manager, General Manager to business owner and entrepreneur.  Since the big move to Australia, I decided to diversify and try new things. Have volunteered at Radio Lollipop as special Guest coordinator to Chairperson. Mentored businesses and Coached at the PCYC as a Judo Instructor. Entering the security industry, I was fortunate enough to get involved in setting up regional aviation security, Corporate and Government security at high level and managed areas of security for the Qld G20 Summits in Cairns and Brisbane last year.

I have many interests and hobbies. Fencing, Judo, Badminton, Kayaking, Diving to name but a few and I am a self confessed thrill seeker.  Have committed to divide time to voluntary work as well as fun time and travel. 


Having travelled a fair amount of the northern hemisphere to 2004, I have now tried out the southern hemisphere, being a fair crack of Australia, a little of the pacific Islands, New Zealand on conference, South Asia, South Africa and together with Julie we are currently planning South America later this year.


I have travelled for differing reasons from one day outings, weekends away, one week/two week vacations, FIFO for work, 4/5 weeks voluntary commitments,  3/4 months at a time and after our next long trip to South America we plan to travel the world for at least 1 or 2 years at a time. So i guess you could say I have a certain amount of travelling experience in me thus far and varying time spent away from base.


A lot of travelling you take for granted the experience you gain without even realising the vast amount of knowledge.accumilated.

Jules' say


Hi everone my name  is Jules and I was born in good old Kempsey NSW and moved to Sydney at 6 months of age and now live with Dougie on the Gold Coast.


Am currently a Phlebotomist although started out my working life in banking before travelling overseas to America, Africa, Middle East and all over Europe.


On return to Australia, I entered back into the work force in numerous positions until  I finally found myself drawn to the medical field of employment.


I have always had a passion for fitness and well being and regularly keep a strict lifestyle of good diet and physical training much to Dougie's despair, as he has to join me on our many runs although I really think he's enjoying it secretly.


We both realise longevity comes from personal effort and plan to get as much as possible out of this wonderful world we live in as we can.


Camping is also being rediscovered where we are taking on Australia between our various international trips and have already added some great trips within Qld and are currently booked in for 3 weeks 4W driving up to Mt Isa, Alice Springs, Uluru, through the Simpson Dessert to Big Red. Sadly not in time for the big bash this year but there's always next year.


Mona's Woof


Hey Peeps. My name is Mona, born in Qld up in Bald Hill's at the Qld Guide Dogs Centre.


At time of Pawing this brief synopsis I am 10 months old and live with my temporary Mum and Dad down on the Goldie where I am currently in training as a Guide Dog and if i do really well I hope to end up looking after someone really cool who needs my help.


Only about 30% of us pass out at the end of nearly 2 years training which to you Humans is about the equivalent of a full on 14 year apprenticeship. Getoutgo beat that!


I know this website is all about travel and tips and all that but I really think I can contribute and have lots of tips and advice on pets, kennelling or not Woof and nonsense but my main input has been on the website design.

Did you notice the squirly header on the home page. I got that idea from chasing my tail! Wanted it to be continuous but mum says "for gawds sake sit Mona"


Done a bit of travelling too but stuff that where's my dinner.


So will paw off now and hope you enjoy the website.


Woof Woof.

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