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0241 Have some small currency
0244 Street money
0246 Payment at end


We talk about a few aspects of currency here from using currency abroad to exchange rates when changing up before you travel.

Tip 0241 Have some small currency on you when you arrive

Firstly we mention stepping out of the arrivals lounge, train or bus station wherever you go. Make sure if you can, to have some small denominations in your purse or pocket and realise the value of same. There's nothing worse than tipping the taxi or tuk tuk driver a years salary for a trip around the corner.

Tip 0242 Know the conversion rate.

Knowing the value of the currency you have for the country you're in, will make your purse go a lot further than you think.

Tip 0243 Not everyone is a mathematician

Not everyone is a math guru. Use your calculator, or get a free converter slip from your currency exchange provider and use it. Swallowing your pride will mean you will be able to swallow a few extra meals or more importantly beers nearing the end of your travels.

We've been so many places and heard so many people getting the conversion wrong thinking it's inexpensive and either running out of money before time, or on return complain that they've been ripped off and recommending others not to go.

Tip 0244 Street money

Be a little street wise and don't take wads of currency with you when you go walkabout. You could lose it, or even worse get mugged and that's when plans change dramatically.

When you're on holiday, it's a time to relax but don't relax your mind to much.

Tip 0245 Cash or card

You really do need to do some research and planning when it comes to travel and none more so than when it comes to what and how much you need to take with you. Unless you are a repeat traveller to the same countries, you will need to work out how much you think you will need.

Remember you lose on the exchange rate both ways, so try to exchange once if you can.

Tip 0246 Payment at end.

Generally we find we get a better rate at the country you visit but this is not always the case. Also some currencies are preferred in some countries more than your own, so research in this is a definite advantage and can have large savings.

If you're staying at a resort, try and arrange a slate or a pay at the end bill. This way you can use part cash, part card payment which will save you on exchanging more currency at the end of your travel and stops you ending up with a load of foreign currency in your draw when you get home.

Tip 0247 Shop around

There are so many foreign exchange companies out there, offering such a difference in rates you won't believe and if you don't shop around you will pay for it. It could mean the difference between travelling backpacking or flash packing. Also check out what the charges and exchange rates at the ATM's are whilst your away.

Tip 0248 Watching the markets

Currency fluctuates all year round. If you know you're travelling later in the year, see if you can pick up a bargain rate.


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