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Seasoned Traveller

Tip 0084 Never too experienced to learn


We are interested in what you have to say and direct you to our forum for comments. Hopefully you have been reading some if not all our sections on reasons for travel and processes in travel and have something constructive to add that would be useful for others who would love to Getoutgotravel.


There might be something you are looking for too, that might be a great addition to this informative website.

As a seasoned traveller are you travelling full time at the moment or have you thought about this for the future. If you are a full time traveller, what might be the pitfalls you have come across so far or foresee in the future.


Have you had the experience of losing enthusiasm the longer you travel and how do you go about regaining that initial enthusiasm  you had when you first set off.


How do you maintain your travels to allow you freedom, or do you work your passage? Will you always travel or do you have an end game specific for your individual needs?

With hindsight would you do the same all over again, or would you do it differently?


We are an evolving website and these are the questions that turn out to be tips and we would love to hear from you.

Seasoned traveller


The seasoned traveller may have been there, seen it and done it all but hopefully will pick up a few tips and advice here too. If not why not share your experiences or feel free to comment on our forum to help others gain valuable assistance from your stories and tips you may have come across.

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