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Tip 0094 Over 95% never happen
Tip 0078 Email your CV to yourself


We are talking here about your current status be it unemployed, employment or business status and try to cover many aspects of all, with maybe a shocking revelation for some This section will definitely be an eye opener and hopefully make people question their ideals.

You may be unemployed at the moment and what better time to travel.

Tip 0078 Email your CV to yourself

Just imagine getting contacted about a possible job coming up in the near future and you're in the middle of your travels. Or even whilst travelling, a position becomes available where you are. There could be a number of reasons why emailing your own CV to yourself would be a great advantage. Also make sure you have contact back home whilst away.

There are many job opportunities whilst travelling, paid or voluntary but make sure you are allowed to work with the visas you apply for. Many countries have reciprocal working holiday maker arrangements dependant on where you originate from.

Don't get caught out with the wrong visa if you intend to work whilst travelling. This could end for a very short trip.

Tip 0079 Give plenty of notice.

Being employed  gives a different outlook for travel. You may be coming up for long service leave, just an annual holiday or taking time out for a splurge on travel.

Obviously giving plenty of notice to your current employer goes down a treat and many seem to be a little scared of informing their bosses. Trust us, the more notice you can give the happier your bosses will be. Employers need good communication with its staff.

If you look at Employer and Employee as a partnership, then courtesy on both sides is the best approach. Now there are some employers that believe that workers should work 24/7, 52 weeks of the year but we live in a more social world nowadays and there is legislation protecting the workforce.

Tip 0093 While the cats away

How many times have you gone travelling to find out 2-3 weeks later, all the work you left behind is still on your plate and within a day or two, it's like you've never been away.

There are a few of you that are worried "how will they survive without you". Suck it up peeps, they will and do every week. That's not to say you won't be missed but life carries on and don't feel guilty for taking you're well earned travel break.

If you're worried about your job or that possible promotion coming up, "quite simply don't"! If you're a good worker your job is as safe as the good worker next to you. In other words, if you are up for promotion the bosses are thinking of you because of how valuable you are to the company and not because you're having a travel break. If you think there is a possibility that someone might nip in whilst your away, then they're 

either already ahead of you in the game or they're worthy of the position.

Tip 0170 Stop work two days before you travel

Business owners have a terrible time when it comes to travel believe it or not. "Yeah yeah" I hear yourselves saying "they can afford it" I also hear you say but trust us, it's a logistical nightmare going away when you run a business.

We can give you a couple of top tips when going travelling that have made our travelling more enjoyable. The best tip we've stuck by all these years is to, build an extra two days into your travel time schedule at least. This was imparted to me from a dear close friend some 25 years ago. This has the benefits of winding down completely pre travel date, so you're in travel mode when you set off and in sync with the rest of your family which makes for a great start. Also if any last minute problems arise you have time to sort them out.

Most business owners would agree that even on a 7 day travel break, they only reach full on travel mode midweek say 2-3 days in and start thinking about work the penultimate day before returning, giving a break of one or two days max.

Informing clients you're going to be taking a break, often stimulates business which is a paradox in itself.  Whenever there was seemingly a lull in work and thought it would be a good time to GetOutGoTravel , I would find when informing clients of my impendent leave, it would stimulate more contracts and fall into an escalation of work, which fortunately I realised quite early in business to my advantage.

Tip 0094 Over 95% of your worry's never happen.

If you are running a slick operation most problems arising whilst your away are 

surmountable. Try to shut off, enjoy your travel and face the music on your return. The fact is that well over 95% of things you worry about in life not just about work, never actually happen.

We are a race of worriers and this keeps us on our toes but it is good to really wind down every now and again, pack up your troubles and recharge those batteries.


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