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Tip 0306 Weigh your luggage accurately


The fact is, cheap luggage will fall apart quite quickly and wheels will fall off, zips break and seams, linings and structure will falter.

Another thing to consider is what type of travelling will you be doing. Are you an airport to hotel type of tourist, or a traveler that needs to use all forms of transport, including hiking. Remember, wheels on luggage are only useful on smooth surfaces.

Tip 0308 Stay with your luggage.

Having been in the security industry, I have seen some foolish things but people and their luggage always makes me laugh. You would be amazed at the things people do with or without their luggage.

A coloured strap around your bag makes it easily identifiable and makes life easy in more ways than you can imagine.

Tip 0311 The roll method

This we find is the best way to pack and saves on ironing all your gear when you get to your destination.

We are working on a revolutionary new system for luggage and travel at the moment. Watch this space!

So we leave packing here for the moment only to return with new tips and ideas coming soon




We have a lot to discuss here and we will do this in stages. Look out for our additions coming soon, in the mean time we kick off our tips here under.

Packing, where do we start here? Well I guess at the beginning and this would be purchasing the correct luggage for you. Now this is a bit like how long is a piece of string, as we are all different and have needs of varying reasons.

Our first main tip here is, think about two main things, "quality and weight."

Tip 0304 Quality luggage


You will be purchasing a piece of kit that hopefully will last you a long time, so in this area we recommend that you don't scrimp. Having said this we mean invest in quality not designer.

Tip 0305 Expensive luggage.

If you ever have the time to sit back and people watch (especially the locals) in the arrival baggage claim area, we recommend you do this.

The phrase "flies round a honey pot" springs to mind and if you are happy to be scammed, ripped off or worse, then buy all means knock yourselves out. Think about your luggage as a flag hoisted high in the air.

Tip 0046 Buy light weight luggage

Also think about your luggage allowances when purchasing.


The lighter the luggage, the more you can put in it. Many pieces of luggage weigh over 5kg and that's before you start filling it up. It doesn't take many items to find you're exceeding your limits.

Whilst we are on the subject of light weight luggage, here is a quick tip on how to accurately weigh your luggage pre air travel.

Tip 0307 Luggage in litres

Travelling for longer periods require a whole different approach and our tip here, is you really only need a 65 litre capacity main luggage bag and a 10 litre carry on luggage bag.

Sadly as much as we like to think our luggage is safe when locked up, this is not the case (excuse the pun)

Check out our video at this tip page

Tip 0223 Pen in zip

Tip 0272 Coloured strap around bag.

It will also hold your bag together should the zip unfortunately fail or the luggage starts to deteriorate suddenly enroute.


Now we get to the part of what to take and how best to take it.

We of course can't tell you what to, or what not to take but we can say that less is best.

Tip 0309 Less is best

So many of you pack the kitchen sink and then some.

We have mentioned this also in other areas of this website but experience is the key and the more you travel the more you will realise "less is best."

Think about taking luggage that doesn't have to come back, like old pants and socks, t-shirts and clothes that are nearing their life span.

Tip 0229 Old pants and socks

This will make room for purchases etc, on your return.

Tip 0310 Wear your heavy stuff

We have already mentioned this under "Tip 0233 Pack light "but" and we share it under this tip also as it is the smart way to pack.

This is of course mainly for air travel and will help you get most of what you need on board your flight.

Now we share an old favourite of mine in actual packing and this is the roll method.

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