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Tips 0361-0380

Tips 0361-0380

Tip 0361 Chat to everyone

Again this is all to do with how social you are but even if you are an introvert, try to come out of your shell a little and chat to as many people as you can. This is the best way to make friends, get information and also share your valuable information to others.

Everyone has something to offer whilst travelling, even if you don't think you have anything worth sharing there is always something that is of interest to others.

Tip 0362 When to visit the Falls or any attraction

This is covered in "Tip 0349 Best time to visit Victoria Falls" but we will mention that no matter where you are heading, do your research!

So many are disappointed when they turn up somewhere and it is not what they expected.

Try to remember everywhere is seasonal and even the desert has the odd year when it is in full bloom. This was the case when we visited the Simpson Desert last year but this was a nice surprise and a once in a lifetime experience for us.

Tip 0363 Don't rush it

Sometimes you can get carried away and tend to rush things to meet your commitments of other areas you might be travelling to.

It is true, you may not be able to return to this area of the world ever again but try not to lose sight of why you are there in the first place and that is to experience the area you are travelling in rather than the area you are travelling too. If you rush it, you run the risk of missing where you are for the sake of rushing to somewhere else.

Always take the time to savour where you are rather than what might be.

We always say, "don't spend all your time looking for the pot of gold, that you miss the rainbow around you."

Tip 0365-0380 to follow


Tip 0362 When to visit the falls or any attraction
Tip 0363 Don't rush it

Tip 0364 Check with your transfer company

Many people are so fixed on how much weight they can take with them on their flights and totally forget or don't take into account, what they can actually take with them on their transfers onward.

Many transfer companies have limits on weight allowance and rightly so. They are not big jumbo jets or cruise ships and some vessel, craft or even ponies can only hold so much.

Make sure you do your research and check what you are allowed to take weight and size wise, when it comes to your continuations after getting off your plane or cruise ship.

There are plenty of transfer companies that will not take heavy or bulky luggage on board. Small boats to islands, charter planes and the like often stipulate what you can and can't take. Make sure you check this.

Many are flexible for special needs or unusual circumstances however and it is easiest to contact prior rather than be disappointed on the day of arrival.

Alternatively check into locker space at airports or terminals for temporary storage of non essentials whilst visiting short term destinations.

Tip 0364 Check with transfer company
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