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Medical issues

Medical issues

Basically if you have a pre, existing, or post travel medical issue or condition that you are uncertain about at any time, we recommend you consult your local general practitioner.

Tip 0254 Consult your GP

During your travels make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover you for any eventuality but also make sure you inform them of any existing medical condition you may have.

Nowadays with the latest Zika and Ebola viruses from countries like Africa, it is very important to monitor yourself post travel for a while just as a precautionary measure and should you feel you are unwell at anytime, go seek advice from your local GP.

Tip 0255 Allergy alert

If you are travelling to a resort, or on a cruise, in fact anywhere where you would be directly frequenting the establishment for nutrition and have any allergies or of course dietary requirements or concerns, we highly recommend researching or contacting direct to make sure they cater for your medical concerns.


Nowadays companies cater for most types, from non allergy pillows, mattresses and even suites, to a full peanut and dairy allergy friendly eateries.

Remember most companies want your business whatever your needs are and more and more are coming on board as they wise up.

Tip 0256 Pregnancy and travel

Medical issues are varied and we believe pregnancy should be talked about here for obvious reasons.

When travelling for example by flight there are guidelines laid out by the various airlines on who and when can travel and at what stage of pregnancy. Be careful here as all airlines have differing ideas and you might find refusal in travel. Make sure you contact the airline you intend travelling on prior to booking to avoid disappointment.

Similarly bear in mind if in pregnancy, that some excursions you might like to take part in may not cater for pregnancy and this is understandable. It may be dangerous for some and not for others and is not the responsibility of companies to bare.

Tip 0257 Travelling with trauma

There are many medical issues that can affect your travels and we mention trauma in general. Please try and respect companies on their policies on trauma issues.


Generally most tour operators, running excursions or themed trips, have been in business for quite some time and have seen practically everything. It is highly unlikely that they have not happened across your set of circumstances and have policies in place, not only as a precaution but probably from an incident that may or may not have 

happened in the past.


Not many people know that injury trauma no matter how old, can and does affect if you are allowed to say Dive for example!

This world we live in is a slowly evolving planet. What we have in western society is not the same in third world countries. We happily enjoy a caring society that implements health and safety policies, with risk assessments and the like which now means we don't wait for something to happen first then act on it.

Tip 0258 Beware of Third world safety

You will be travelling to some countries that have no health and safety policies, let alone know what a risk assessment is. Just because someone says it's safe for you to do it, doesn't necessarily mean it is!


People get caught up in the moment and forget when they travel, about their own safety and happily follow the leader. Never take the word of someone you don't know over your own common sense.

Now we're not saying don't go out and enjoy yourselves and even gawd forbid, be a little silly once in a while. Personally some of our best memories have pushed the boundaries to the max sometimes but it isn't rocket science peeps, use your common sense.

We end here for the moment but if you have any concerns whatsoever, or if in doubt, consult your GP and he will advise.


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