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Yasawa's in Fiji

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Another multi-award winning resort and you can see why. This beautiful resort overlooking the magnificent blue lagoon of Nacula Bay, is where the name comes from and what a setting for a resort spread out along its coastline.

The wow factor is immense as you glide in from your transfer vessel and the crystal clear waters have you gasping for breath. By sea or by air this resort is spectacular to the eye.

Again this resort is central to all the marine activities you could ever need and the staff here are very knowledgeable. Of course this is one of the closest resorts to the famous Sawa-I-Lau Caves, so a transfer there is very quick indeed. 

This resort has many hiking trails all over the island and you might think why would you want to get away from this beautiful lagoon but Nacula Island has many hidden treasures to explore and you may just miss out if you stay in one place the whole time.

Having said that, the resort is the base and everything happens here. This has a real Fijian feel from all the staff and fun is the buzz word. From yoga, volleyball, crab racing, bowling and many water sports, to relaxing in the warm waters, a spa treatment or just a stroll along the beach with the gentle lapping of the lagoon waters at your feet. Blue Lagoon Beach Resort has it all.

Getoutgotravel.Top tip:-    We have to say, the caves visit is a must do and don't forget your snorkel, mask and camera.

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view from resort over the lagoon
Beautiful pool
accommodation to die for
Crab racing of course
Ready for a light lunch
Of course the friendly bar :-)
Sawa-I-Lau Caves
Glorious views
Warm welcome on your day bed Bula!
How about a hammock
Beach stretches on
Outdoor living
Dusk over the blue lagoon
Right on the beach and very private
Plenty to do here
Time for a little Yoga
light entertainment during dinner
How about this as you arrive
Sad to see us go :-(



Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the entire resort and the accommodation


of the resort


of the accommodation

Sad to leave as always but we are on a mission to see as much of the Yasawa's as we possibly can in such a short time frame.

Our next destination in the northern Yasawa Islands, is only a short boat trip across to the larger island of Nacula and the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort.

Everywhere we have been in the Yasawa's is hard to leave but you just know that where you are heading to next is just as good and has something different to offer.

Now we would have really loved to continue on to the furthest northern and largest island here the Yasawa-i-Rara but time was against us and we had one last visit on the way back that we just couldn't miss out on. Bounty Island Resort! 

Bounty Island Resort

Bounty Island Resort

Jewel of the Mamanucas


This resort is actually on Kadavulailai Island and although not technically part of the Yasawa's, Bounty Island Resort is a great stepping stone to the Yasawa's as well as the Mamanuca Islands and can be a great first or last base at the gateway of all the islands of Fiji when island hopping. Day trips or overnight stays are also an option from the main island of Viti Levu which is within sight.

As you approach this small island, it really does feel as if you are going on a film set. On Bounty Island you start to get the feel for island life and as always you get the warm welcome from the staff as you arrive to a big Bula! This resort has a really friendly feel to it and it's not long before you are settled in and relaxing by the pool or on the beach outside your Bure.

You can walk around the whole island in less than 45 minutes and watch the sunset or sunrise with ease. Turtle feeding is a daily activity as well as the usual water sport activities you might like to go for to fill your days whilst visiting this island.

NIghtly entertainment after dinner in the main restaurant or an evening at the swimming pool and bar with table tennis and pool for those who fancy their chances or improve skills.

Getoutgotravel Top tip:-      Plan your visit to coincide with the hatching of the turtles if you can.

Bounty Island
Check this beach out
Bure on the beach
Dawn coming up over Viti Levu
Why not lounge around the pool
View from your room
Evening entertainment
View over the pool
Right on the beach
Sail away or stop for a while
Time for a snorkel
Great Bar
Dusk by the pool
Time to relax
Activities board
Snorkel the reef
Turtle time
Fishing the Fijian way



Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the entire resort and the accommodation


of the resort


of the accommodation

With this island resort being so close to the main island of Viti Levu it is the ideal place to start or finish your island hopping around the Yasawa's and has the added benefit of being able to get back to the airport in time for your flight out of Fiji.

Alternatively you might like to spend your last moments of the day on an island and take a stop over in Nadi so you are refreshed and ready for you trip back home or on to your next destination and what better way to treat yourselves before departure than a stop at the Tanoa International Hotel in Nadi, Fiji.

Tanoa International Hotel Fiji

The Tanoa International Hotel
Relax by the pool
Grand reception
Awesome staff
Luxury accommodation
Plenty of restaurant options
A chill out hotel
Plenty of room
Go to Mint for a coffee
These rooms are top notch
Balcony for a vino
The best Pizzas
Your own Spa bath
Happening and friendly bar
En-suite for a king
So much space in these rooms
Top class fittings
The Mokosoi Suite. The ultimate
A welcome smile

Tanoa International Hotel.

We make it easy.


This international hotel offers airport accommodation as well as a great base for exploring Fiji in general. Just three minutes from Nadi Airport and the gateway to Fiji.

Set amidst lush tropical gardens, this hotel is also ideal for corporate events, weddings and conferencing. It has a range of dining options all under one roof.

A great place to wash the sand out of your hair, regroup and set off either to your next destination or homeward bound. The accommodation is well appointed and to the extreme.

We often like to treat ourselves for a night or two mid travelling, or every now and again and the Tanoa International Hotel is just the place to do it.

Getougotravel Top tip:-       Shuttle bus to and from Airport            The Pizza's here are amazing!



Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the accommodation


of the accommodation



So there you have it, our section on travelling around the Yasawa's Fiji.

In conclusion, to have our pick of the Yasawa's, we would not be sitting on the fence to say that each resort we visited was completely different and gave us individual experiences that we enjoyed equally.

7. Actual budget

We usually give here actual budgets for our travels but for the purposes of this adventure we won't, as this would not be a fair reflection of costings for a single travel experience around the Yasawa Islands.

The brief of this section was to see if the Yasawa's are too difficult and expensive to travel around and we can honestly say that this area of Fiji is definitely easy to get around and can be achieved on various budgets, ranging from 5 star to back packing.

There are plenty of places and resorts in the Yasawa's offering dormitories, rooms and even home stays as an option, if you want to island hop on a budget.

Picking the time of year can also bring you savings to your pocket. From the end of January to the end of March is low season. This is when we travelled and found the climate very agreeable.

Remember one thing. Island travel, especial on relatively small islands means that you are mostly very close to the beach and often even the most meager of budgets will put you right where even the most expensive budgets take you. You can experience the whole package for a lot less than you think.


Blue Lagoon Beach Resort
Bounty Island Resort
Tanoa Inter Hotel
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