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We are not in the medical profession and "Do Not" recommend or promote any individual vaccine or medicines and only mention what we do for ourselves for our own safety.

Tip 0259 Why bother

You may be thinking, I don't need a vaccine and you could be right! Not all places will you need a vaccination. You may already be immune or you may not need it for the travel you are going on. You may be just camping up the road, or the country you are travelling to has all the same regulations as your own.

If you are planning to travel and do require vaccines, make sure you are fully immunised well before you set off on your travels. Do not leave it till the last minute.

Some countries will not let you enter unless you have proof of your vaccine.

Tip 0260 When and what vaccine

Yes you will need the deadly injection! "Oh no" I hear you cry. When you travel the world you will definitely need to take precautions and vaccines are one of them.

Now you might be one who is dead set against putting anything into your body that is not natural and that's fine by us. We would recommend researching the pros and cons of vaccines and I believe there are "Post" infection medicines readily available for use should you contract such a virus or disease.

A full list of what vaccines are needed for what countries you are going to travel to, is readily available on the internet but we highly recommend you pop in to your local GP and get advice on your own specific medical history. All medical centres have this list and are more than happy to give advice on this.

Some vaccines are not cheap dependent on your countries medical system and you may think about having them done elsewhere. Be careful here though.

Remember vaccines are not always readily available and/or work immediately. Some you will need some weeks prior to travel, so again, don't leave it till the last minute.

Tip 0261 Take your medication

Some medication prescribed, you will need to take whilst you are away. Make sure you have enough with you for the length of time you are travelling bearing in mind extended travel. Medication can be very expensive in other countries and/or not easily available.


Make sure you don't forget to take your medication whilst travelling. This is easily forgettable while you're having a blast and we mention about this in our pre-packing section of the website.

We welcome any additional information here and look forward to many discussions on our forum.


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