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Travelling around South Africa

Our first tip in this section is as with all our destinations within this website:-

"Tip 0330 Draw a map"


This gives you a complete familiarisation of the scale of and areas you plan to visit.

We mention this in detail within the tip and direct you to the link on this page.

Here is the second inclusion to our "Destinations" section and what better place to travel to than a trip to South Africa.

Again we share travel experiences, tips and useful insider information of a 10 week journey that not only takes me around South Africa but into neighbouring countries and some of the adrenaline experiences I especially wanted to try out and tick off the old bucket list.

Having little personal knowledge of this amazing country, it was clear that careful planning and research would be a key factor to the success of this special trip especially with timings for one particular adrenaline thrill I had always planned to tick off my bucket list which was jump the "Devils Pool" at Victoria Falls.

Reason for choice of route was carefully planned due to seasonal issues and of course to travel to as many of the places on my list in the best time frame to achieve my goals set.

Apart from seeing as much of South Africa as I could in a relatively short period of time, I also had six adrenaline junkie hits to take in whist travelling around:-

  1. Climb Table Mountain.

  2. Cage Shark diving with the Great Whites in Gansbaai.

  3. World's highest Bungee Jump 216 meters from Africa's largest bridge.

  4. Get up close and personal to the Big 5.

  5. Jump the Devils Pool at Victoria Falls.

  6. White water rafting on the Zambezi.


We bring you this trip around South Africa in the hope that this will be of some use to anyone planning or even just contemplating  a trip to this area of the world and we look forward to and welcome all feedback on our website "Forum" page.

We will publish this travel adventure as soon as we can.

Map of South Africa
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