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Yasawa's in Fiji

Nanuya Island Resort

Nanuya Island Resort

Experience the real Fiji

This beautifully presented resort catering for the more mature adult but not exclusively, is nearer the top end of the Yasawa's and close to most diving sites and a great location to be in the heart of everything.

We stayed in a Treetops Bure, overlooking the ocean and nestled in the tropical and beautifully manicured gardens, set in the hillside but you can stay right on the beach if you prefer, or even in the luxurious Honeymoon Suite. The ultimate in privacy.

Again a step off the shallow and protected beach and you are snorkelling with rays scuttering along the sand and then you come to the drop offs at the reefs edge, wow. There are some great places to just float around and see some amazing marine life.

Activities are numerous and diverse. A place where you can dive, snorkel, fish, island hop, fish feed, hike as well as chill out on a romantic sunset cruise, spice up your honeymoon or have a panoramic view at the resort top with 360 degree views.

The adjacent and attached Boathouse is a happening place with mooring yachts that come to visit for a lunch and beer or three. A shop to top up provisions and at the other end of the resort is the Nanuya Lailai Lagoon Day Spa for a pampering.

With fresh home island grown produce for the kitchen and the impressive solar plant that captures the sun from dawn till dusk, their commitment for resort sustainability is evident and should be commended.


Getoutgotravel  Top tip:-    Make sure you take a short hike over to the village and to Lo's Tea House. Views are spectacular!

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Swim out to the pontoon
Just watching life go by
Tree Tops Bure
Time for a kayak
Your vessel awaits
Activities at the Boathouse
Lovely foot massage at the Day Spa
Coming into land
Ahhh Breakfast Mmmmm
Bures set in tropical gardens
The Honeymoon private quarters
Beautifully presented inside
Come join in the fun
Time to relax with a cocktail or 3
Of course the bar must be happy hour
Just chilling
Right on the beach
Take me anywhere
On our way for some fish feeding
Great place for a sunset



Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the entire resort and the accommodation


of the resort


of the accommodation

Before we take you off to the next Island of our choice, we must bring you back to the beginning in main island Fiji Viti Levu.

We mentioned in the beginning about overnight stopovers prior to transferring from the main island and for those of you that opt for or can only get a flight into Fiji late afternoon/early evening then we have to mention a few things here.

There are many travellers, (ourselves included), who class their vacation/trip/travels as when they leave the doorstep at home and the journey to a destination is all part of the experience.

Why not include an extra day or three in Viti Levu, be it at the beginning or end of your trip around the Yasawa's. If you have done your research well, you can get a bonus from taking all that Fiji has to offer. Now this may only be a stay in a resort overnight or an addition to your vacation, either way stopovers can be and are a great way to save money and/or learn a little more about what Fiji has to offer.

Again we mention just two of the many resorts scattered around the island and we chose resorts closer to Nadi airport, as convenience for our particular transfers off and back from the Yasawa Islands.

On our way out to the Yasawa's we chose Nadi Bay Resort and on the way back we chose Tanoa International Hotel for variety. First we talk and show you all about Nadi Bay Resort and come back to Tanoa International later in this section.

Nadi Bay Resort

Nadi Bay Resort Hotel
Peak down on the pool
Breakfast by the pool
A romantic evening meal
Nooks and crannies everywhere
Spectacular pool
Anntoinette's Restaurant
Plenty of room to eat
Second pool area
Shaded outside dinning
Activities Kiosk
Breakfast by the pool
Day Spa
Bar Lounge
Peak through at the restaurant
70 seater Movie room or conference?
Our best friend
Pool by candle light
Best friedns with our barman
Such friendly staff and Management

Nadi Bay Resort Hotel

Where guests become friends.


This very friendly resort is on the way from the airport to the Denarau Port for transfers via Awesome Adventures or Turtle Airways base on Wailoaloa Beach.

Catering for all types of travellers, Nadi Bay Resort Hotel is well prepared to assist your every need. From an overnight stopover to a full stay destination, the staff here are eager to satisfy your requirements.

As you walk around this resort you really start to understand they have you covered for anything. They have a kiosk for every activity you could imagine for those of you wanting to stay on the main island. Two restaurants, two bars and two pools. A Day Spa to relax and accommodation to suit every budget.

Anntoinette's Restaurant has a very romantic setting and the waiters are a hoot. They even have a 70 seat theatre and games room.

The airport is close by so we have to mention this but whilst we stayed there we were not affected by any noise and would definitely stay there again.


Getoutgotravel  top tip:-          If you want to save money on flights, stay here overnight prior to your Yasawa experience.



Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the resort and the accommodation


of the resort


of the accommodation

This brings us nicely onto or second option for transfers around the islands of Fiji and in particular the Yasawa's. Turtle Airways!

There may be a few of you that might be thinking, (oh no not another plane trip) but as many of you will know, seaplane flights are a whole different experience and one not to be missed if you can help it. 

There are many advantages of flying as an additional option for transfers. The obvious one being that of speed but many of you forget that the travelling is all part of the experience and what better way to see the Yasawa Islands in all their glory than to observe from above.

Turtle Airways

Aerial shot of the islands of Fiji
Walk to your private Seaplane
Turtle Airways base
Friendly staff awaits you
Take off by Seaplane
Turtle Airways Executive lounge
Hotspot for contact
Luggage ready to go
Take off
Pre flight briefing
Here we go!
Welcome aboard
View from your seat
What a view down below
Enjoy the flight
Flight ready
We will pick you up in a week or so
Buckle up
Fly past
Ready and waiting for you!

Turtle Airways

Getting there is part of the adventure.


If you have never flown in a seaplane before, now is the time to do it. An extravagance? Not if you factor in the cost of an overnight stay and you might just be surprised how economical this option really is. We will let you do the math.​

Again Turtle Airways base is close by to Nadi Airport and with good planning you could be at your resort, checked in and sipping champagne as you watch the other travellers turning up some hours or even a day later by other means of transfer.

Staff at Turtle Airways are just a little bit special and you will be treated like royalty. A great way to start your travels to the Yasawa Islands.

The views over the islands are spectacular and the fringe coral reef islands stand out like jewels in a crown. If you're lucky and in season, you can make out the black dots in the sea, that are Manta Rays gliding through the sea funnelling for krill.

Turtle Airways also fly to the Mamanuca Islands.


Getoutgotravel Top tip:-            Make sure you have your camera in your hand for awesome shots.

We picked these two methods for transfer, as they give you totally different experiences for travelling to and around the Yasawa's.

A good way to get the best of both worlds is to try them both out. This way you get to see the Yasawa's from above to get an overall perception of what they look like and a fast transfer, or a view at sea level and an experience of cruising the ocean as the islands unveil themselves to you.

We now fly you over to the amazing island of Nanuya and take you on a trip to Nanuya Island Resort.


Nadi Bay Resort
Turtle Airways
Nanuya Island Resort


Seaplane Gallery


of the seaplane



Let us take you on a fly about tour with Turtle Airways

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