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Top 30 Getoutgotravel Tips

Top 30 Getoutgotravel Tips

With a comprehensive compendium of already hundreds of useful tips and information here within this website, we have been asked to include the very best in chart form for our top 30 Getoutgotravel tips.

This will change according to ratings. You can either vote for our existing tips on this website or add your very own tips for inclusion and see if you can make the top 30.

You can comment or add within our forum section whenever you feel “you” have something to add that would be of interest or useful and would like us to include on this website to help others getoutgotravel.

Just include your name and contact details and we will let you know if you made the top 30. Follow the link to our "Forum" to make comment.     

These are currently our top 30 tips to Getoutgotravel

Clicking on the "Grey links" will take you into the tip page and information on each tip.

Click on the Blue button will take you to more information and relevant area of interest.


Current Top 30 Getoutgotravel Tips

1. Tip 0244 Street money

2. Tip 0240 Hotel keys

3. Tip 0223 Pen in zip

4. Tip 0270 Care of your passport

5. Tip 0094 Over 95% of your worries, never happen

6. Tip 0170 Try to take a couple of days off work pre travel

7. Tip 0110 First and last 5 minutes

8. Tip 0036 Book online

9. Tip 0046 Buy light weight luggage

10. Tip 0140 Take a second camera

11. Tip 0034 Travel slowly

12. Tip 0272 Fasten coloured strap around your checked baggage

13. Tip 0158 Copy your passport

14. Tip 0062 A coffee a day is AUD $1300 a year

15. Tip 0081 Leave a trace

16. Tip 0089 Be an early riser

17. Tip 0130 It’s cheaper to travel slowly than fast

18. Tip 0146 Drop your bags and go

19. Tip 0271 Don’t go travelling with expensive jewellery

20. Tip 0196 Double alarm

21. Tip 0078 Email your CV to yourself

22. Tip 0241 Carry small change on arriva​l

23. Tip 0214 Car keys as security

24. Tip 0227 Food poisoning or heat stroke

25. Tip 0229 Old pants and socks

26. Tip 0246 Payment at the end

27. Tip 0002 Travel in the right frame of mind

28. Tip 0023 Sales tricks

29. Tip 0039 Born to pay bills and die

30. Tip 0006 Live life to the full

We there you have it, our latest top 30  tips to Getoutgotravel

If you think any of our other tips should be in the top thirty, or if you have a great tip to add for the website with credits to you or your organisation, please contact us direct by email:- or on our "Forum page"


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