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0002 travel in right frame of mind
0006 Live life to the full



Probably not out of the blue or an impulse decision. Maybe in the back of your mind, even been working up to, or towards a break, day off, weekend away, vacation, or a complete life style change. This is the very conception of travel and is different for everyone world over.


This section is also closely linked to the "Reasons for Travel" section of this website.

Tip 0001 What you want from travel


Work out what it is you really want from your travel. You really don't want to go away to a romantic, exotic island and find the place you've booked is also an 18 to 30's clubbing centre.


Sometimes but not very often, travel isn't for everyone or the timing is not right just now. You could be having a blast just where you are and that's fine but I'm guessing if you're already reading this you might just be ready for a change.

You may be going through a tough time and think that distancing yourself or a time out may be the answer. This could be just the medicine you're after or it could be a case of running away from something or someone that might need sorting out first. Either way, consider long and hard before making any rash decisions.

It is important to know, realise and understand what it is you want the most out of travel. Do you need a break, would you like to experience new cultures, new experiences, do you need excitement, do you need a change, are you ready to travel, are you an adrenaline junky, are you after solitude or up for party time. All these factors and a whole lot more should be considered well before any decision making goes ahead.

Tip 0002 "GetOutGoTravel" in the right frame of mind!


This also has affect on your travels, be it the destination, type of travel and whether you enjoy the experience. Let's face it, if you don't enjoy something, chances are you won't do it again or be very wary next time.

Travel can be extremely enjoyable but can also be a nightmare if you get it wrong.

Tip 0003  It may not be for you!


You could be in a relationship and one or the other may have different ideas in both wanting to go, or where you'd both like to go.

One might want or need an adventure holiday or a break from work. The other might want a more cultured vacation or is hoping for a promotion at work and doesn't want to leave right now.

Tip 0004 Enjoy going it alone!


Some couples are happy to go their different ways in travel. You all must know of the guy who wants to go on a golf, skiing trip with the lads or the lady that is off on that girlie weekend with her girls or a pamper week at a sanctuary.  

This is a great way to travel when you're both not in sync at the moment  but always remember to have your plan for a need to get away for the both of you in the future.

Remember you can tailor most travel to accommodate all tastes.

Tip 0005  Travel alone or with someone.


This is a very important one. We have both personally travelled as a single person and in a relationship.

There are pros and cons for each. Travelling alone has many great points for both male and female. One main point is your not answerable to anyone but yourself. You can getoutgotravel whenever, wherever and however you please. You don't have to worry about anyone else, be it if they're happy doing, going, being anywhere and you don't have anyone's back to worry about apart from your own.

Flip side of this is "and this is a big one" you also can't share those perfect, special moments that somehow a camera or video will never capture. Walking hand in hand alone, that desolate beach with the sun setting on the horizon, countless pods of dolphins migrating south causing the sea to erupt out of the calm waters or just that soft and gentle squeeze of the hand when you spot something extraordinary that need no words to explain.

You also have no one to watch your back and guide you from your not often but sometimes misguided intuition.





As a self procrastinator (only a little bit), I guess we all have travel ideas that pop into our heads that seem like a good idea at the time and even begin to get excited over the prospect of travel in one shape or form. Invariably life, work and other things take priority and the possibility, thought or dream that once was, becomes a distant memory or completely forgotten until the idea pops back in your head again which could be a week, month or even a year or two. We lead such busy lives.

Tip 0006 Live life to the full


Memory is a complex gift we have. If we could remember pain we would almost 

certainly cease to be alive. Just think, if you could remember and feel every single time we hurt ourselves, from birth, a smack, a trip, a splinter, broken leg, loss of a loved one, headache you name it everyone has had loads of pain in their lives. If each incident 

stayed with us continually, life would be horrendous.


Similarly, how many times have we woken up in the morning and thought "I'm going to be happy from now on, I am now going to achieve my goals, or I want to help everyone I meet today." How long do you think it will be before you let that thought slip? Just for a few moments or hours or even the rest of the day?


Go ahead try it! How about this one. I am going to commit today only to researching my complete life change. Bet you it only lasted less than 30 minutes! That's because the brain has a self shut off mechanism and this is also why so many New Year resolutions are broken, countless gym memberships squandered and so many diets go to the wall.


Simply, we keep forgetting that life is about living to the full and we get caught up in the day to day life that stops us doing the things we really want to do.

Tip 0007 Reminder notes.


One great way of keeping on track is to write what we really want down. Our brain remembers better if we put thoughts down in writing first. This is one technique that all good memory gurus will tell you.


If you just write something down on a piece of paper and say stick it on the fridge, this will work only for a day or two. Have you ever bought a picture, painting, clock, ornament or even a set of flying ducks for the wall. After 3 months you don't even see it anymore until you need to check the time, dust your ornament or remember that trip you took and place the photo on the wall.


If you're serious about wanting to say GetOutGoTravel for example you will need to write down what your original conception is and then place it somewhere where you need to keep moving it, i.e. On your front door, on the milk top bottle, on the cooker hob, cars steering wheel in fact anywhere that you have to physically move the note.


You might think this is all just a bit too dramatic but it is a great way to keep focussed on your original conception.

Tip 0008 There is never enough time in the day!


Never enough time in the day! Hogwash. Sorry but you simply are finding an excuse!

Get up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later. Give up a daily soap you watch on telly.

Stop procrastinating and time mange yourself. Let's face it, some of you spend a fair bit more than 8 hours in bed too!


Now there's nothing wrong with well earned rest and if you would rather have a bit more down time that's cool too. Remember also though, if you really want that trip of a lifetime, vacation, or just something different, you may have to spend time researching, and planning. Trust us, it'll definitely be worth it!

Tip 0009 Time management and discipline.


Good time management makes for a full life. We are a world of followers and a good 8 hours sleep is one of the biggest tricks ever invented. Quite simply if everyone had 8 hours sleep there would be no businesses, no governments and wide spread anarchy.


We have been conditioned through evolution to accept what we are told to do.


How do we break this cycle? Quite simply discipline. It's no different to going down the gym. It's getting motivated to get there. once you're there and after the first 5 minutes of pain, you enjoy it, feel better for it and wondered why it was so hard to get there in the first place.

If you would really like to travel. Get motivated!

From the very idea of thinking about travel through to the initial research and planning might take you a long time but remember one main thing! Time is short, so Getoutgotravel ASAP, before it's too late!

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