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This section is currently being worked on and will follow as soon as possible.


We have no medical background at all and submit this section on "Health" purely as tips and information that has worked personally for us only.


Should you have any concerns regarding health issues at all, please consult your local general practitioner.


Our first tip in this section will be "Tip 0227 Food poisoning or heat stroke" which relates to illness whilst travelling.


Tip 0227 Food poisoning or heat stroke


It is often a mistaken self diagnosis of "food poisoning" or deli belly" when travelling differing countries and feeling more than a little nautious or stomach cramping and often violent diarrhoea.


Yes it is true that your stomach may not be used to differing foods or poor hygiene in cooking methods but quite often heat stroke can bring on the exact same symptoms from extreme or excessively high tempratures and our top tip here is to be aware of your body temperature, hydrate and wear a hat.



There will be many areas in this section and we will update more as soon as we can.


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