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Tips 0081-0100

Tip 0081 Leave a trace
Tip 0083 Trave lsafer than kitchen
Tip 0082 Provide contact details
Tip 0084 Never too experienced to learn
Tip 0085 Volume, distance or qulity
Tip 0086 All in a day
Tip 0087 Make the most of your day
Tip 0088 Travel for difference
Tip 0089 Be an early riser
Tip 0090 Day trip planning
Tip 0091 Share the driving
Tip 0092 Quality trips
Tip 0095 It's all about timing
Tip 0093 While the cats away
Tip 0094 95% of your worry's never happen
Tip 0096 Add a Monday or Friday
Tip 0097 Don't be afraid to ask
Tip 0098 Weekends or weekdays
Tip 0099 Good neighbours and friends
Tip 0100 Whilst your away

Tip 0081 Leave a trace

Top tip here. It is so important to leave a trace for where you are going, where you are and where you've been.

We can't stress this enough peeps!!!

This is so important in all walks of life, excuse the pun. This is for everyone's benefit, not just your own. No matter how introvert you are or want to be, this is a social must.

At home, let at least one person know what you are up to. If you are not in contact with anyone at all just before you getoutgotravel, leave a note somewhere easily found.

Do not go down the local bar and shout at the top of your voice "I'm off for three weeks travelling yeay!" This might attract some unsavoury characters attention. You really don't want to come back to a ransacked or empty home.

Let friends or family know you have got to each of your destinations and try to keep in touch as you move around. Social media is great for this and you can just publish a nice photo as you travel. Make sure you post a picture of yourself too.

On your travels, you need to be social at least at your accommodation. Either chat with fellow travellers there or with the staff. Let them know what your plans for the day are. You don't have to be precise, it could be as much as, "we're thinking of going to the market this afternoon!"

Be precise if you intend going somewhere off the beaten track though or say going swimming alone and give a rough time of when your likeliest to return.

When you travel to remote area's be it land or sea, think about purchasing a personal EPIRB.

As adults, we tend to give great advice to our children, then forget that this advice is really "great advice" full stop.

Tip 0082 Provide contact details

This is also a great tip and is very important for a whole lot of differing reasons.

Even if you are only going for a day trip, make sure you have some contact with the outside world.

This day and age with the use of mobile phones, it is easy to think you are contactable anywhere but bare in mind your coverage, battery life and damage that can occur.

Have a plan "B"

If you're travelling, make sure you leave contact details of your accommodations.

Take contact details with you also. So many people set off and forget to write down your friends, family or neighbours contact details. It's a two way street and you may have forgotten or need something back home. Something like your spare pair of prescription glasses, or even your passport and you're at the airport with an hour before departure.

Tip 0083 Travelling is safer than being in the kitchen

This is most certainly true. It is more dangerous in your own kitchen than travelling.

Top tip is GetOuGoTravel!

If you are unsettled at the thought of travelling or some forms of travel then you can take heart from the fact that travelling nowadays is relatively safe.

Obviously with so much media coverage accessible to most of us nowadays, you would be not far off, thinking that everywhere is doom and gloom. This is so far from the truth and quite frankly we feel the media have a lot to answer for.

The media are very selective with the information they decide to publish and very rarely report in context, so unfortunately even when accurately reporting, it can quite easily become distorted by relevance.

This together with the enormous amount of information we receive by the media nowadays, make us believe that everything is getting out of order but the world hasn't really changed that much, it's just that we are more informed of what is going on around us.

Of course make sure to use common sense. You wouldn't walk down a dark alley way late at night when you are at home, so why do it when you travel.

If you walk around dripping with jewels and flashing wads of cash, you could be anywhere and in the world and find in no time you're in for a heap of trouble or asking to be ripped off.

In general people around the world are more than happy to be obliging to travellers, as long as it is reciprocated. Those who travel with no thought to others, will probably receive no thought in return. We are firm believers in, what you give out, you get back in return and mostly you get back so much more, it can sometimes feel quite embarrassing.

Tip 0084 Never too experienced to learn

Well anyone with a modicum of wisdom will know that you're never too old to learn and our tip here is to share what you already know.

Exchanging ideas, views and experiences will not only enforce what you know but will offer it up for debate.

You never know, some of your handy tips and advice might be tweaked even more, or enhanced to make travelling even more enjoyable for you than it already is.

Please feel free to go to our forum and share just a little for everyone to enjoy. We value your input on this website for example and although in our early stages, we really feel that all followers will pick up at least one thing to make their travel experiences more enjoyable.

Tip 0085 Volume, distance or quality?

We talk about day trips here and sometimes you may need to differentiate on what you are after for the short length of time travelling.

It all comes down to three basic categories, volume, distance and quality.

Decide what you want out of the day.

If it's volume, you really as always need to plan your day to get the most out of it.

Distance, you need to work out realistically how far you can get without the travel becoming a chore. Some people enjoy the travelling more than the destination and happy to go for a lovely drive, through the countryside, or a train journey in and amongst the roaming valleys and mountainous backdrops.

Quality can be various, it could be the mode of transport like a catamaran out to sea. A destination with a luxurious vineyard package of limousine, wine and canapés, to a sanctuary for a pamper package.

There are so many differing ways to day travel and our top tip here is preparation. Try not to rush anything you decide to do and leave yourself time to recover.

Tip 0086 All in a day

This is related to tip 0085. There is so much you can pack into a day if you're inventive enough and it doesn't have to be rushed. Look at your local area and what it has to offer. Find things you either enjoy doing or have never done before.

Get a map of your area and draw various circles around your home giving enough distance to get to and back in a day by various modes of travel. Try three circles at first. One of walking distance, another say cycling and the last by car. See what kind of things can be done in each circle, for example a walking pub crawl.

Think about linear travel. Take two vehicles and park one at the end of a walk, then drive to the start. and walk between the two. This is great for a beach stroll/cycle or even a kayak down a river/creek or along the shoreline.

Breakfast, dinner and lunch in a different county, state or even country.

We have done these many times and have been in more than three countries in a single day skiing.

Tip 0087 Make the most of your day

This is so obvious but not many of us do it on a regular basis. How many times have you got to 4 pm and thought, "I haven't done anything yet!"

It can become all too easy to just sit and watch the day go by.

Top tip here is " life is short." Now there is nothing wrong in laying in bed all day on a cold, murky, dull and dank day, in fact cuddling up snacking and watching films all day is fun and very romantic and that's fine by us. You don't have to do be on the go all the time but there is a balance to a rich and fulfilling life.

If you actually sit back and think about it, there is no time for us to do everything and the sooner you get started on your bucket list, the sooner you will also realise, it's very unlikely you will complete everything you want to in life.

The longer you leave it the more you have to prioritise and compromise until all of a sudden you come to the realisation that you could have missed the boat completely.

Tip 0088 Travel for difference

One of the great things about travel is that it gets you away from the norm and this we find is one of the best escapes in life you can reward yourselves.

Top tip here is you don't have to travel far to get you away from the norm.

With the era of the automobile our local areas tend to be the last places to be explored and therefore just around the corner, has actually has been missed out on altogether.

Tip 0089 Be an early riser

Well you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know if you get up early and/or get back late you miss all the morning and evening traffic.

So few people like an early start and that's fine too, so if you set off late, plan to get home late and early to rise lets you get home earlier. Now of course we like to burn the candle at both ends and a little in the middle and that is why we seem to get our full days in but it's is all down to preference.

There is a whole new world out there for the early risers and late returners.

We often sit on the east coast to watch the sun come up and wonder where everyone is. Kayaking on the creeks before the sun rises is also a favourite with the morning mist hovering a few inches off the water and some of the scenery that is missed by most is extraordinary.

Top tip here is you really need to get into a routine or a change of lifestyle to break the mould and succeed in making the most of your time.

I guess it's why so many people never make the most of their gym membership because they never do it long enough to get into a routine and feel the benefits.

Tip 0090 Day trip planning

So we recommend if you only have time for a day trip, to plan the day to get the most out of it.

Try and pick the right day. One that is not on the back of a hard day's work or after a big event or stressful lead up. If you spend half the day winding down, the chances are this day trip will not be as enjoyable.

Top tip for day trips. Try and have everything organised at least on the penultimate day.

Go to bed early the night before and make sure you have your main meal midday.

The more relaxed you are pre travel day, the more you will enjoy the actual day.

Make sure you don't cram too much into the day and end up running round like a headless chicken playing catch up.

If you go as a couple, family or group, try to add a few surprises in the mix. These go down well and make for a memorable travel experience.

If it's going to be a late one, see if you can book the next day off work or a late shift.

Travelling by your own transport, get your fuel, tyres and maintenance sorted pre travel day.

Be flexible on the day. If things don't go as planned, try not to stress too much, there's always another day coming up.

It will go fast, have fun and take loads of photos for an evening wind down.

Tip 0091 Share the driving

There are a good few reasons to share the driving if there is more than one driver in the mix.

One, you can go further quicker. It is recommended that you take regular breaks, especially if going long distance.

Two, fatigue over a long period, increases the odds of poor concentration.

Three, the driver gets to see some of the beautiful scenery. How many times if ever, do you as the main household driver, get to sit in the passenger's seat and say, "I never knew that was there?"

Four, changing drivers forces you to think more about having mini breaks. It is all too easy to feel fine driving and not realising that your concentration is waning.

Forget about all the tips for stopping you falling asleep at the wheel, like, have the window open, air con on your feet, drinking copious amounts of coffee, sugar drinks or tablets to keep you awake. Simply follow the good sense laid out by your local authorities, which will be have regular breaks, at least every 2 hours. Remember, a 20 minute stop is better than a hospital visit, or even worse!

To finish we add this top tip from other parts of this website. Most driving accidents happen in the first and last five minutes of driving.

This is because we are thinking about in the first five minutes, have we have left the iron on, front door locked etc, and last five minutes we are thinking about unpacking or time for beer o'clock.

Tip 0092 Quality trips

Sometimes, it's good to splurge out and go for a quality trip. Not that all trips are not quality but sometimes we don't want the stress of say driving and organising. We just want some quality time out from the day to day life we have constructed for ourselves.

Just one day of down time can reboot the ole system and is just what the doctor ordered.

Think about having at least one treat every now and again. Now this can be during your travelling, a separate travel adventure or just a day trip.

Often if we go travelling for two to three months, we splash out and check into a 5 star hotel for one night and pamper ourselves just as a release to the system. You'll be surprised how invigorating this jolt can be.

Think about surprising your partner or family to an exciting adventure, pamper trip or something they would really love to do. Be it a fishing day out, golfing weekend or a pamper sanctuary. If funds stretch far enough how about a cruise or an all inclusive vacation.

Tip 0093 While the cats away

How many times have you gone travelling to find out 2-3 weeks later, all the work you left behind is still on your plate and within a day or two, it's like you've never been away.

There are a few of you that are worried "how will they survive without you". Suck it up peeps, they will and do every week. That's not to say you won't be missed but life carries on and dont feel guilty for taking your well earned travel break.

If you're worried about your job or that possible promotion coming up, "quite simply don't"! If you're a good worker your job is as safe as the good worker next to you. In other words, if you are up for promotion the bosses are thinking of you because of how valuable you are to the company and not because your having a travel break. If you think there is a possibility that someone might nip in whilst your away, then they're  either already ahead of you in the game or they're worthy of the position.

Tip 0094 Over 95% of your worry's never happen.

If you are running a slick operation most problems arising whilst you're away are surmountable. Try to shut off, enjoy your travel and face the music on your return. The fact is that well over 95% of things you worry about in life not just about work, never actually happen.

We are a race of worriers and this keeps us on our toes but it is good to really wind down every now and again, pack up your troubles and recharge those batteries.

Tip 0095 It's all about timing

Weekend travel is basically a two day period where you can get away and wind down a little. Does it have to be a weekend?

Top tip here. Can you take time off work midweek? Are you a shift worker and if so can you swap shifts to suit.

There is no doubt, travelling mid week instead of weekends has its advantages and a few disadvantages too.

The plus side is there aren't as many people, its more relaxed, often cheaper and not as many queues etc. There is something very satisfying about being the only ones on a hike, instead of that feeling of being on a conveyor belt.

On the down side, not everywhere may be open, some places shut up shop earlier midweek and you have to avoid the rush hour traffic.

Travel is all about timing and getting it right for you.

Tip 0096 Add a Monday or Friday

Now this also goes for a mid week couple of days off too. If you have already got two free days off work, why not take a single day off work and add it. The boss may not mind you taking one day off, especially if business is slow on a particular day.

Think about adding an extra day to your two day trip. This helps with either recovering from a two day extravaganza, gives you more time away or longer to get to your destination and back.

Tip 0097 Don't be afraid to ask

So many people seem to be afraid or intimidated by their bosses and often totally unfounded. Communication is the key and social skills play a large part here.

Having been a boss myself I am acutely aware of this problem. Sadly some bosses are totally unaware of the pressure put on their employees but when alerted, the sudden realisation actually transforms the business.

Of course there is exception to the rule and there will be some of you that live in fear for your jobs and are constantly threatened that work is scarce and they should be grateful for the work they have.

Realistically most of us spend more than half of our life working. If you are unhappy in your work, it comes out in your personal life.

We say, if you are in such circumstances, you should really be looking at reassessing life and in particular the working aspect of it.

Tip 0098 Weekends or week days

Some of you lead very busy lives and only get a couple of days off due to various reasons, be it work or family commitments, pets or home issues.

This is where you really have to make the most of these travel times.

Try and think of the bigger picture. Are you working to live or living to work? Think long and hard at where you are at and is it where you want to be?

Anyone working more than 9-5, five days a week without the usual annual holiday time, really needs to be thinking about, are we doing it right? Of course extra shifts come in handy for the finer pleasures in life but try and remember why you are working longer hours or more days. It's all too easy to get caught in the need more to get more syndrome and all of a sudden realise you are working your life away!

Tips 0081-0100

Tip 0099 Good neighbours and friends

We can't put enough emphasis on good neighbour relations and friends. This is the social network that assists so much in all walks of life, no more so than when travelling.

Top tip here, Give to receive. Now we're not talking about give a bowl of sugar and expect a shiny new car. It's all about being a good neighbour and friend.

Offer to take or pick up your neighbour to and from the station, airport, pier or just a lift to the shops.

Cabs and airport parking for example are costly and apart from the savings you all can gain, wondering if your cab is going to be on time can be an additional stress you really do not need prior to travelling.

We are not talking about living in each other's pockets at all and this also can become a nuisance factor, so be mindful of other peoples space and time.

There are so many advantages to having great neighbours and friends. It really doesn't take much to be civil and this also helps in social skill when travelling.

Top tip here, the more social you are the easier life is for you.

Tip 0100 Whilst you're away.

Related to Tip 0099, you really need to give thought to what's going on back home whilst you're away.

Top tip here. Peace of mind and the luxury of knowing things are good back home whilst travelling are priceless for a successful and enjoyable travel experience.

We've already mentioned within this website the importance of travelling with a clear mind. If you can solve personal differences, issues or work related problems and financial securities, travelling becomes a complete release. It's like coming home to a spring cleaned home with new sheets on the bed and nothing to do but enjoy the moments.

Also if you know things are being taken care of whilst your travelling this also gives peace of mind.

There are so many things that can get forgotten back home whilst travelling and we list just a few things here that might make you think. We also cover some of these things in our security section of this website.

Be aware of making your home look still occupied. There are many things burglars look out for and here are just a few.

Trees shed their leaves or sap can build up onto your parked car. Bird droppings over windscreen. Car in same position over a period of time. Cobwebs built around your front door or access areas. Post left in mail box or showing in your drive or hallway. Newspapers and junk mail left around the front porch. Lights not on during evening. We could go on forever.

Long and the short of it all is, if you have someone back home that's checking your back, you can relax and enjoy your travel time.

Travel tip 0081 Leave a trace
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