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Camping continued

Having just come back from an 8,000 Kilometre and 3 week whistle stop tour of central Australia, we have some serious camping and off road 4WD travelling now under our belt.

This was a great introduction into setting up and packing up camp, as we never stopped for more than two nights anywhere and we can truly say we have honed our skills in the art of speed camping and seeing what works best for us.

We travelled with 2 sets of neighbours. One had a "T van," the other a trailer camper and us with our 30 second tent.

Our itinerary will be shown in our "Lists, Inventories and Itineraries" section coming soon on this website.

We have some interesting tips to add to our first addition of camping and good radio communication is high on the list if you intend travelling with others. There are so many great reasons for being able to communicate with all in a group and others on the road or off road driving.

Tip 0298 Fly mesh your grill

Fly mesh your grill! An easy tip and one that will save you in the long run.

We could go on and on in this section but will draw to a temporary close and update more tips as soon as possible.


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Tip 0273 Good radio communications

Having good vehicle insurance and roadside assist not only gives peace of mind but when you are doing extensive road travel, it's a must.


Two of the three vehicles in our travel group needed to claim for windscreen damage and it could have been a lot worse.

Tip 0274 Vehicle insurance

A luxury for many but an additional power battery comes in more than handy for all sorts of reasons.

Tip 0275 Run a second battery

Another top tip if you have a second driver with you in your vehicle, is to take a body pillow with you inside your vehicle.


We have mentioned this before within this website, "Take regular breaks." We discuss the advantages of the body pillow within this tip.

Tip 0276 Body Pillow

On long and arduous journeys many of you may need a break and or relief from the many kilometres of distance you have ahead of you and downloading your music library onto a device, reduces the amount of physical kit you need to take along with you and allows days if not weeks of differing tunes along the way.

Tip 0277 Downloaded music

Hydration is also a key factor in staying healthy and alert and our top tip here is to keep plenty of water at hand whilst driving long distances.

Tip 0278 Hydration for the journey

You will be refuelling often when driving long distances and fuel isn't cheap way out back. There are many ways of making savings on fuel if you are a smart driver.

Tip 0279 Shop around for fuel

Now we have to mention food on the go. Having already got into good old Cry-o-vacing we have to say this worked really well for us.

Tip 0280 Cry-o-vac some meals.

Tip 0281 Flask for hot water.

Another great tip for long journeys is to carry a large flask for carrying hot water.

Tip 0282 Intelligent packing

Intelligent packing. We learnt very quickly that how you pack at the start of your journey, will probably not be how you end up packing every day.

Tip 0283 Ground mat

A good subfloor mat for beneath your tent will save you time and keep your equipment a lot cleaner

Tip 0284 Acquire a retractable washing line

You can never have enough hanging space for your washing and a detachable retractable washing line is a space saver.

Hot water bottles was another great Tip 0220 to keep us warm through the night but we are looking too for a better tip here.


Maybe someone would like to share a tip here on our website "Forum!"

Tip 0285 Duck tape

A must have in your tool bag is some good old Duck Tape.

Tip 0286 Bucket toilet

We have mentioned before but our best purchase to date, is our AUD$20 bucket toilet. With biodegradable bags and fold up shovel we haven't had to worry about the condition of campsite toilets or anything that most of you guys think about when camping away from home.

Tip 0287 Firewood collection.

Getting a good campfire going if allowed is a must and collecting firewood along the way is a great tip for setting yourselves up for an awesome evening.

Tip 0288 First Aid kit

Needless to say remember to pack a good First aid kit. Think about the type of kit you may need relating to the type of travelling you intend to do.

Tip 0289 Working gloves and a light raincoat

With all camping we recommend taking a pair of working gloves and a light raincoat for wet weather conditions and handling hot, sharp or dirty objects.

Tip 0290 Muddy boot bag

A container or bag for muddy boots or wet clothing to keep separate from your clean and dry stuff.

Tip 0291 Compass to hand


Always take a small portable compass with you when you wander off from your site or whilst roaming around.

Tip 0292 Heavy hammer

We also came across many campers who needed the use of a good heavy hammer for varying reasons.

Tip 0293 Regular vehicle maintenance

Of course it goes without saying that you need to carry out on road vehicle maintenance and you need not be a mechanic to follow just a few simple tips to keep you on the road, so to speak.

Tip 0294 Drop your speed

When travelling by road as a vacation or camping trip, take your time. What's the rush?

The getting there is all part of your experience.

This has added benefits also, check out the tip and be surprised.

Tip 0295 Wet wipes

Every traveller should carry a pack of wet wipes, no matter the journey.


A quick and sanitised way to freshen up at the very least.

Tip 0296 Paper plates

And we include this easy tip in our camping section for fun but also for a good reason. Paper plates is a must have.

Tip 0297 Make your own sand flags

Why pay a small fortune for a store bought sand flag when you can make one at a fraction of the cost?

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