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Being Smart

Being smart

You will be surprised to know that we all leave our brains at home when travelling and more so when on holiday.

This section is all about "being smart" and really taking a step back, having a good think when it comes to using common sense when away from home.

The problem is we all want to turn off and really enjoy our time away from the norm and we all like to think that the place we are travelling to or through, is wonderful and lovely with sugar and spice.

Mostly this is true we don't want you to think that it's at all doom and gloom, it's mostly just all down to common sense really.

As we have said before, at home you don't go into a bar with a roll of 100 dollar notes, give it to the bartender and ask if this is enough and yet we see so many people doing it whilst travelling abroad.

It's not all about money either, so our first tip here is to do with your hotel/accommodation room key.

Tip 0240 Hotel keys.

In this tip we talk about the problems with hotel keys and carrying them with you.

We also recommend that even before you enter a new country, that you acquire some small denominations of the local currency.

Tip 0241 Small change on arrival

So many foreign exchange companies give you large notes for ease of conversion.

Another thing to consider whilst travelling around the world. Do you really need to be wearing your most expensive jewellery?

Tip 0271 Expensive jewellery

There is nothing wrong in looking presentable but sometimes you need to stop and think.

Walking around late at night is inevitable when you are exploring and checking out the local restaurants and nightlife but be a little streetwise and try not to get yourselves in a tricky situation.

Tip 0301 Walking around at night

Sometimes you find a great little spot and frequent it more than a few times. This also can be an area of concern.

We talk about this in the single traveller section in reasons for travel Tip 0190 Change your route back.

Tip 0302 How to wear your bag  (See Video)

I guess having lived most of my young life within the urban city areas of London, at a time when life was tough on the street, I have seen and been privy to a lot more things than many of you may not have seen in your lifetimes.  

Most people travelling are completely unaware of their surroundings in relation to being a possible target from scams and/or petty crime.

We will have a section within this website coming soon on scams and con artists.

A top tip for anyone travelling away from their local neighbourhood is to try to exude a certain amount of confidence without arrogance.

Tip 0303 Confidence in your manner

We have a lot more to add here in this section and will cover in more detail as soon as possible.


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