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Weekends away

Tip 0110
0110 First and last 5 mins

Weekends or Long weekends away.


Now we've been looking forward to this section. Weekend travel and by this we don't necessarily mean Saturday/Sunday. Yes, by weekend travel, we mean travelling for a couple or few days.

Generally this is taken at the weekend, for employment reasons but top tip, if you're clever you can get a whole lot more in you're travel if you plan carefully.

Tip 0096 Add a Monday or Friday


Sometimes two days comes up just a little short to really getoutgotravel and we recommend planning an extra day or two. So for those of you who work Monday to Friday, try speaking to the boss about an extra day off. Some companies have quiet periods throughout the year and most bosses are happy to let staff go for a day or two. Good communication with your company is the best solution for all concerned.

Tip 0097 Don't be afraid to ask.


There is no reason nowadays to be afraid of the boss. Sadly there are still a few bosses who have old fashioned values and are not in tune with their staff and if this is the case, try having a meeting explaining the benefits of satisfied staff and productivity increase. With flexi time also you might be able to put a case forward for working single time during the weekend, to have days off midweek. Remember it's a two way street!

Tip 0099 Good neighbours and friends.


If you're fortunate enough like us, to have the best neighbours, tap into that network and be prepared to share. Not many times will you need a taxi to and from the airport, get your plants watered, your pet fed and more importantly have someone close by that is looking out for your back while you not at home.

Tip 0100 Whilst your'e away.


One thing which is an reoccurring theme in travel, especially if you 

leave home for more than a day, make sure you leave your abode looking lived in.

By this we mean make it look like you're still about. We go into a whole section on this within this website and it is full of great tips and ideas for when you're not home. Just click on the link "Home Security."                                         Home Security

Tip 0101 Can't be bothered!


People generally don't do it much, or very often and this is because the thought seems like a good idea, then you start thinking about the costs, the practicalities and hassle of sorting it all out and that's a paradox in itself because the less you do it the tougher it all seems and the more you do it the easier it actually is.

Tip 0102 Backpack at the ready.


The good thing about weekending is that you don't really need that much to take with you. So all the worry of what to take really doesn't happen as most people know roughly what they will need and the itinerary doesn't change as much as longer travel. Have at the ready a backpack or some sort of luggage that may already have the basics in it so you don't have to search around all over the house for it. A basic vanity bag kitted out with the usual toiletries and creature comforts needed for a short trip. The more you're ready, the more likely you will want to do it.

Tip 0103 Save on food.


Weekends away  doesn't necessarily mean a hole in your pocket and can work out to be fairly inexpensive. If you're on a budget have breakfast before you leave. Plan to eat home food midday and just eat out in the evening as a treat.


Ever remember making a cake only to find that the ingredients end up costing more than if you bought a readymade one? Yes it's true eating out can be less expensive than buying a fridge load of foods for the trip. Be smart and plan. Once you've decided on going away for a weekend, plan your fridge and pantry around it.

The last few days on the lead up to your trip stock up on trip snacks from the supermarkets, which are a lot more affordable than the servo stations and roadside snack cafes. Maybe have a roast dinner the penultimate day and save some leftover meats for a lovely picnic on the go. Try eating a high carbohydrate dinner the night before you set off, this will make you less likely to pick on your journey. A flask of coffee is more economical than a cappuccino from the bakery.

Our best investment and this is more for the camping fraternity, is a vacuum food sealer. We go into this in more detail in our camping section of this website.         Camping .............. whenever we have a stew, slow cooked meals or some meat sauces, we always make a little extra and vacuum the leftovers and freeze. Of course you start to get into the realms of cooking as you go but a small gas stove cost peanuts these days and are light and easy to carry.

Tip 0104 All too difficult!


The simple fact is the more you getoutgotravel the more it becomes a way of life and the more enjoyable travel actually is.

Honing your travel skills takes a while and eventually you will find travel a piece of cake no matter where, when, or how long you do it for.

Tip 0105 Mix it up a little.


There are so many ways to travel and it's good to mix it up a little. This makes travelling diverse and helps when you begin to start travelling longer and further. We've had many a conversation with travellers that say they wouldn't travel by train, canoe, bus or cycle, mainly because they haven't tried it or experienced it.


When you're out there hardcore travelling, you don't always have the luxury or option of choice and those not familiar or happy to take an alternative mode of transportation, might just find themselves missing out, left behind or even stranded.

This also helps when a change of plan happens or is necessary.

Tip 0106 Pin up a map.


Not that you need to get in the mood for travel but a great tip is to pin up a map, either of your own country, the World map or even just a regional map.

This has many benefits but the main one here is to familiarise yourselves with the area you intend to travel to.  Should something happen whilst travelling you have at least a "plan B" which is knowledge of the area and will greatly assist, if for example you decide on an impromptu diversion, a different way back, or the roads blocked, there's a traffic jam or the road is flooded or has subsided.

Tip 0107 Familiarisation.


Believe us, all of the above has happened to us and a lot more. So be prepared and most of all, be knowledgeable of your surroundings.

Tip 0108 Card and licence


Travelling domestically, really all you need is your credit/debit card (money) and a drivers licence. No matter how much you prepare, there's always something you forget and the above will get you out of most problems.

Tip 0109 Rest stops.


With a jam packed weekend in store for you, most people forget this is not the norm for you and you will get tired. Even the fittest people will be surprised at how tired you will get. If you are driving, cycling or using any self driven transport, please remember especially on the way home to take rest brakes. Even if it's just to get out and stretch your legs for 20 minutes.

Tip 0110 Top tip First and last 5 minutes.


We've saved the best tip for last here at the moment. It is a little known fact that you are more likely to have an accident in the first 5 minutes of setting off on your travels and the last 5 minutes of returning home.

This is because you are still thinking about "have we got everything, locked the front door or did we turn the iron off etc" and on return you are thinking "can we be bothered to unpack tonight, can't wait to get into bed or must be beer o'clock."

Tip 0095 It's all about timing


Some people love travelling on the weekends because more things are open and accessible, or the buzz of the crowds thrill them and the social aspect suits their personality. Then there are some that like the solitude, time away from the madding crowds and opt for a quieter period where they are not rushed or stuck in queues and this can sometimes be cheaper. This is where you need some thought into when you travel.

Tip 0098 Weekend or weekdays!


So there might be many reasons for a two or three day travelling period. Either the only time you have to travel, or you're happy just for a few days here and there at a time. You may have other commitments which means you can only get away for short periods at a time, like family, pets, or even your business needs you.


Please if anything, remember this tip over all and travel safely, so you can getougotravel again.


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