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Vacation for 2-3 weeks 

Tip 0170 Pre travel wind down

This allows you to fully wind down prior to your travelling, so you are in travel mode at the start and can enjoy your whole adventure rather than be on tender hooks at the beginning. This also helps with being in the right frame of mind for travel.

Tip 0158
Tip 0170
Story 19 Culture difference amazing
Story 16 DJ going on holiday

Vacation say for two to three weeks.

Here we have the annual vacation and a well awaited travel experience we all look forward to every year. We begin to need even more planning and there are a lot more tips and advice.

Where do we start. Well planning is the key and simple things like copying your passports and emailing them to yourself. Don't forget to include copies of your insurance policies, visas, itineraries, bookings and the like.

Tip 0158 Copy your passports

We look at the planned and the impromptu, the long distance and short trips, the lazy chilled to the adventure adrenaline rush and the busy day here day there vacation but there are so many more and we will cover more later on this website.

Firstly we take a look at the psyche behind looking forward to a pre booked vacation from a year ago to a book it and go trip within a week or two.

Equally they are both the same thing in that you go away on a lovely vacation for say a couple of weeks. It's a big build up and sometimes can be a bit of a disappointment. There are two schools of thought here. 

Tip 0160 Book early or last minute.

Planning a trip and looking forward to it all year is a great way of making it appear to last longer. There is the whole build up of it all and we highly recommend this method, especially if you have a family that will travel with you. The down side here is that you build it up in your minds so high that sometimes the reality is slightly less than what you thought and become a little disappointed.

The other is to decide to go away, book the trip and go as soon as you can. This too is a great way to get that travel hit, after all you've worked hard for it all year long. The down side of this method is the opposite to above and you have the best time but it's all over in a few weeks and then you're back again hard at it at work and all is forgotten within days.

Truth is there's no right or wrong way. It's all up to what you like to do. Also we believe no matter where you travel, you will enjoy it if you are in the right frame of mind.

Tip 0161 Travel in the right frame of mind.

Going away in the wrong frame of mind will almost certainly start you off on the wrong foot and could ruin a fair portion of your travels. As you are probably an annual traveller, you may be experienced but haven't been away since last year and there is a certain amount of apprehension around the usual thinking about getting everything ready and making sure you have everything in order.

You might be thinking where shall we go this time. Is it worth traipsing half way around the world for just a couple of weeks or shall we just go on a short journey and have more time when we get there?

Tip 0162 Long distance or short journey

These are all valid questions and only you know which option suits you best. There are of course many things to think about to get the best out of your 2 or 3 weeks of down time travelling.

The main thing to think about as with all travelling is, what do you want out of it, after all you are spending your time and money, so value for money is paramount.

You really need to sit down and work out what you individually want. Even as a couple, family or group, everyone needs to be thought about. There is no point in going away for a few weeks and only doing what someone else wants to do, or you will soon get bored and unhappy.

Tip 0163 This is "your" holiday

Try not to fall into the trap of going for example on a travelling adventure where there are 5 golf courses and a lot of 19th hole establishments, when your partner really wants to trek the jungle and camp in a swag.

There are so many reasons for travel and you all need to be on the same page right from the start. You can usually tell if you are not all on the same page when the enthusiasm starts to wane at planning stage. That's when you're in a whole heap of trouble.

Sit down and categorise what you feel you would like. For example cultured or learned, relaxing, adrenaline, on the go or static. Maybe a little bit of all or something completely different.

Tip 0164 Cultured and learned

When and wherever you travel, you will become more cultured and learned. Try to stretch your travel experiences far and wide, the further you go, the more culture changes.

So many travel away from home, find a lovely location and think this is it, we have found our paradise and then repeatedly go back every year to the same place. Try not to get caught in this trap.

Story 19 Culture difference amazing                   

Culture is something that is hard to explain and something that needs to be experienced.

Many of our UK friends have broken the mould of repeatedly travelling to the same Spanish resorts year over and visited us in Australia after my migration. They have all told us of their amazement in the differing cultures around the world as they have had their stopover flights in Asia, South America and Northern Africa. After experiencing new, exciting and such diverse cultures, every one of them have now either widened their travel or have even immigrated.

Not one of them continues to go back to the same resort every year!

Moral of this story is no matter how wonderful you think a place is, there is always somewhere else more amazing.

Tip 0164a Guided tour or DIY

When travelling around there are always guided tours to jump onboard and this is a great way to learn even more of the cultures you are travelling through. Or you can just meander around soaking up the atmosphere.

Meandering is great and we highly recommend it but there are times when you need to get your skates on and pump up the volume.

Tip 0165 Lazy and chilled or adrenaline adventure.

There are so many things to do whilst travelling and you are best to strike a happy medium between deciding on getting out there amongst it all or just laying back and having quality relax time.


Whatever your travel, strike a balance and plan for a bit of both. Remember too much of anything becomes less appetising the more you do it.

Tip 0166 On the go day by day.

Really class your vacation as a taster rather than full immersion. You will never be able to see and do all the things that are out there and you could get a little disappointed for no reason.

Tip 0167 Static

Is being static really travelling? Well of course it is, if you have to travel to get there and like to mosey around a little away from your accommodation and take in a few sights.


You may need a destination that offers a better climate than you are used to at home to top up that tan or cool down from those hot stinky summers where you live.

Think about why you are actually going sometimes half way around the world just to sit in a hotel room though, when you could possibly do this a lot closer to home.


There will be something for everyone and you just have to research the best places to accommodate everyone. The only way you will have success here is to involve all concerned. Plan and research together.

It can be a daunting task with more than one, to satisfy all demands so a great tip is to try and find a destination that everyone likes first, then see what this destination has to offer.

Tip 0168 Pick the destination first

You will be surprised at what many places have to offer. You could be at a secluded private island retreat for relaxation and still have many activities to occupy yourselves. We have yet to find somewhere that has no diversity to it. Remember earlier, it's all about Getoutgotravelling in the right frame of mind.

Tip 0169 Be careful what you pack

You have picked your travel location and are preparing to pack for the big adventure. One great tip here is make sure you pack correctly. We go into this with more detail in the packing section of this website and direct you there.

Do not get caught out on packing, this could cost you dearly. Quick example, you have the correct weight allowance for the flights needed to get you to the country of choice, only to find that the transfer boat to the island only allows 10kgs each.

Sadly some of these snippets of information aren't available at your local travel agent and this is again where you really need to do your planning and research carefully. Remember, read reviews carefully and in depth.

There are a whole load of tips and advice in the "Processes" section of this website, on pre travel and we highly recommend you have a good look for great tips and information but one very important tip for those of you travelling for a period of time here is, security of your home.         "Security"

Story 16 DJ going on holiday

Just a brief on "story 16" where a Disc Jockey back in the UK years ago, talked of an impending vacation over the radio, only to find on his return he had been burgled. Moral being, be aware of who you tell or who overhears conversations about impending travel.

There are many issues here that we cover in more detail within this website.

Another great tip we always like to give when you go travelling is, try to take a couple of days off pre travel to wind down.

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