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Day Trips

Tip 0089

Day trips


Yes we cover just day trips too. Here we look at ways of getting the most out of a day trip. Also the advantage of day trips is that it doesn't have to cost much, if anything at all. You could even cycle with a backpack of provisions or leftovers from the night before out of the fridge.


There are various ways of looking at a day trip. We choose volume, distance and quality.

Tip 0085 Volume, distance or quality?


By volume we mean the amount of things you wish to do, or can cram in.

Tip 0086 All in a day.


For example in one day, we have been kayaking up Hinze Dam at 5am with the mist coming off the calm waters pre sunrise with a 12k paddle to warm us up, before heading off up to Springbrook for a 2 hour hike down to the waterfall and rock pools.

Then heading off for a 4 hour midday deep sea fishing charter out on the reef parallel to Surfers Paradise before coming home and cooking the catch on the barbie, all before 6pm, in time to nip down to south Burleigh Heads for an ocean swim in time for the sunset and full moon rise over the tree line of Tallebudgera and still home in time for a snuggle up movie.

Tip 0087 Make the most of your day.


Now you might be thinking "wow phew, not for you" but all this was done at a leisurely pace and thoroughly enjoyable and we might add that we really felt that it was a non wasted day. You'd be surprised how much you can do in such a short time.


We are quite lucky in that we live fairly central and only 7 minutes from a vast array of differing areas with the mountain ranges to the west, full of waterfalls, dam and treasures. Pacific ocean to the east and seaway with marina slightly north and a whole load of waterways, creeks, surfing breaks and bays stretching for tens of kilometres to the south.

Tip 0088 Travel for difference.


We all do seem to travel for difference and you might live in an area of singular beauty and need to travel a little further to find difference in your geographical area but be assured that you only need to travel a few kilometres before you get away from your day to day life which is all you need for a well earned break.

Tip 0089 Be an early riser.


Distance is a great way to explore. With distance in mind, obviously the earlier you rise the further you can go which will begin for you to getoutgotravel. Distance gets you to start exploring the area you live in more, which in turn then leads to you becoming a full on traveller.


Now by this we don't mean spend all morning heading off and all afternoon coming back but you'd be surprised how far, or how much you can cover on a day trip. Most people are surprised how little they know what is just around the corner.

Tip 0090 Day trip planning.


To get the most out of a day trip, again we recommend planning and by this we mean picking a date that fits in with your lifestyle of work, or time off. Pre pack for your trip even the week before. The more you get sorted before you go the less stressed you will be on the day. You may want to think about having the day off after to recover from a strenuous day of travel.


Quality. Now here we mean quality time where you're not rushed and the whole day is relaxing.

This could mean an organised vineyard tour that picks you up and drops you off, or a boating trip with canapés and a glass of vino or champers.

The lists are endless and all these types of day trips gives you the whole time to yourselves, instead of the hassle of getting to and from your destination.

Tip 0091 Share the driving.


If you are a social traveller and enjoy the company of others, that's a bonus in many ways and you can even take turns in the driving as a way to share the load, so to speak . Down side of this is, the day will seem to go a whole lot quicker and over in a flash.

Tip 0092 Quality trips


Day trips are a bit like going to the theatre. You don't do it often but each time you do you say that was great, why don't we do that more often.

The reason why is, because we are all too busy doing day to day life and we forget to get out and go do something, or it all seems too much hassle, until you do it again. Our memories for enjoyment are so short, it's untrue.

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