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Yasawa's in Fiji

Octopus Resort

Octopus Resort Fiji

Set in lush tropical gardens this resort is as all resorts in the Yasawa's, right on the beach. 

Voted as (one of the top ten beaches in the world) it stretches a mile long and is kept immaculate.


Every resort in the Yasawa's is completely different, offering plenty or as little to do as you want. After a few visits to these islands you will realise that there is no rush for anything. "Fiji time" is your time now.

With some of the best snorkelling and diving imaginable, you can simply walk straight off the beach and you are in the middle of it all.

Offering premium accommodation as well as budget options and family villas too, Octopus Resort caters for everyone. All the accommodation is beautifully maintained and the furthest Bure is only 30 seconds from the beach.

This very private and yet social resort, has so much to offer as well as walks over the hill to a nearby village and home to nearly all the staff on the resort. Traditional Fijian ceremonies is a must do and feel free to join in the evening events at the resort, or retire to your Bure/beach haven to sip champagne and star gaze till the early hours.

Getoutgotravel top tip:-    Hike the hills and see the views.

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Step off the beach to snorkel
Beautiful Bures
Massive pool area
Lounge on the beach
Favourite chef cook to order
Open airy restaurant
Great menu
One of two bars
How about a stand up paddle board
Specials board
Long sweeping beaches
Beach Bar
Champagne breakfast
Day Spa and time for a massage
Hike to the village
Coconut leaves basket weaving
Pool deck by daylight
Result of a trivia night
Anyone for volleyball?
Sad to see you go :-)



Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the entire resort and the accommodation


of the resort


of the accommodation

Getting to and from your island or resort of choice.

There a various types of transfers and many ways of navigating around the Yasawa's. As previously discussed we show you just two companies that we used and support from our own personal experiences.

These are Awesome Adventures and Turtle Airways!

First we look at Awesome Adventures, as this was our first mode of transport to the island of Wayasewa for Naqalia Lodge.

Awesome Adventures Fiji

Awesome Adventures

Cruising the Fiji Islands

In brief, if you are looking for flexibility, comfort, speed and reliability then Awesome Adventures is the company to use.

Operating out of Port Denarau, Nadi, Awesome Adventures gets you pretty much everywhere you want to explore. "Bula Passes" are very popular and you can pretty much tailor a pass for whatever your needs may be. They offer a wide variety and great flexibility for your experience, making your island hopping easy to plan and extremely enjoyable.

These crafts are ultra smooth and fast and most of the time you wouldn't even realise you are moving. Be it inside or outside, the views of the islands are spectacular and the experience of cruising to each island is like a holiday of its own.


Sunbathing up top or cooling from the heat of the day in the air conditioned cabins, it's your choice. These craft are very comfortable and seating is plentiful. They also run to the Mamanuca Islands too, so you can mix it up a little if you need.

Facilities onboard ship are very well kept and clean. Snacks and drinks available throughout your journey and the staff are very friendly and professional.

Getoutgotravel  top tip:-                     Pay extra for the Captains Lounge.

Silky smooth transfers
Island hopping around the Yasawa's
Islands of the Yasawa's
Resort boats pick up passengers
Inside the Captains Lounge
Picking up more passengers
Outside under sun shelter
Pot of gold and end of the rainbow
Islands of the Yasawa's
Awesome Adventures vessel
Middle deck sun lounging
Easy to board
Friendly Crew
Ready and waiting for you
Heading of to the Island
Top Deck area
Awesome Adventures from Resort
SIster company South Sea Cruises
Great friends you will meet
At dock in Port Denarau Marina



Let us take you on a walkabout tour onboard one of the Awesome Adventure vessels.


of the vessel

There are many ways of island hopping around the Yasawa's but after our visit to Naqalia Lodge we made our way to

Octopus Resort in Likuliku Bay on the island of Waya.

The beauty of island hopping is that the distances are as small or as far as you like, so if you need or want to get to your next island fast, just plan your route to suit. Or if you prefer to cruise around the Islands, stay on board till your next planned stop.

Sad as always to leave but the next island on our itinerary was Naukacuvu Island and we booked ourselves into the 

Paradise Cove Resort which more than lived up to it's name sake.

We do have to point out that we wanted to get a broad spectrum of resorts to visit and each one visited had something very special about it.  

Paradise Cove Resort

Game of chess by the beach
Central swimming pool
Right on the beach
Some diving perhaps?
Spectacular views
Step outside and lounge around
Groomed beach
Learn to dive
Day Spa
open airy restaurant
Pick up and drop off time
immaculate accommodation
Lounge on the beach or a dip?
beach bar with a smile
Beautiful gardens
TIme for a cappoccino
Dive centre
Activities board
Bures across the water
Evening entertainment

Paradise Cove Resort


We have to say this is more an "all bells and whistles" type of resort and pretty much as the name says, "Paradise" does spring to mind in luxurious accommodation and yet you still get the real Fijian feel with staff so friendly and warm towards guests and a spacious layout for your private needs.

This resort nestled in a stunning cove has everything you expect from an Island in the Yasawa's. The crystal clear waters are so inviting it's hard not to just jump straight in as you arrive but then as you are taken around the resort you have the dilemma of do we leave the tranquility and inviting surroundings for activities around or just relax and chill in the atmosphere.


Cuisine in Fiji is so delightful wherever you go and the restaurant "Black Rock" is no exception. The variety of menu is hard to top and you can expect to eat dishes from all over the world, including Spanish Mackerel Sashimi, Baked Lobster to Coconut Sorbet for dessert to name but a few.

As you get more into the central islands of the Yasawa's you have both directions to go for world class diving and with over 35 different dive sites to choose from you are not far from any of them here.

Getoutgotravel top tip:-            Get some diving in before you leave




Let us take you on a walkabout tour through the accommodation

Awesome Adventures
Octopus Resort
Paradise Cove Resort


Showcase of photos

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