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Cook Islands



We have to say we picked the perfect location to stay on the Island of Rarotonga with "Sea Change Villas." Nothing was too much trouble and with transfers included, we felt and was treated like royalty.

The best tip is to treat the island as a clock. the airport being at 11 o'clock and Sea Change Villas are exactly at 6 o'clock.

You can cycle round the entire island and stroll from your accommodation east to take in the most breath taking scenery imaginable and sample the delights of the local markets in the south and many eateries around the island.

If you are looking for a relaxing break in a tranquil setting or have the energy to delve into the beautiful turquoise fringe reef lagoon, then here is the place to explore. The backdrop of rugged mountainous terrain is best enjoyed with Pa's Treks.

A lazy island that comes alive all year round. Simply paradise in a bottle. Look out from your villa to a view of a lifetime. Step out onto the beach and just feel the gentle breeze. All your senses will be stimulated to the max.

Some photos on this video clip are taken from Sea Change Villas stock photos.

The Getoutgotravel team visit Q1 and take on the Skypoint Twilight Climb

The Getoutgotravel team visit Q1 and take on the SkyPoint Twilight Climb, through Redballoon Gift Products!

This is a must do when on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. One of the worlds tallest residential towers and the highest external building climb in the country. The best views over the Pacific Ocean, Hinterland and stretching as far North as Brisbane to well down South into New South Wales.

The perfect gift idea from Redballoon. Highly recommend the SkyPoint Twilight Climb. 

The Skypoint Climb team are extremely professional and we were most fortunate to be escorted to the very top by Marco Braga and Jasmine Campbell, who made the whole experience so much fun and also made everyone feel very safe.

Top tip going straight into our website will be Tip 0420 "Time your climb." We talk about researching when full moon rise and sets happen, colour phases and so much more to get that perfect photograph taken by the team.

All pictures taken by SkyPoint on the climb or from their stock library.

To find out more, just click on the links below

Q1 Building Surfers Paradise
SkyPoint Climb
Rainbow sunset
Neon Sunset
lightning Strike
Getoutgotravel team conquers the top

The Getoutgotravel team conquering "Big Red"

Latest and exciting section where you our followers and viewers make it onto our front page through excellence.

Our very first inclusion has been forwarded to us by Matt Williams. Professional photographer extrodinaire.

We had the great fortune to bump into Matt in the Simpson Desert whilst he was enroute, on contract for Hema Maps. Matt very kindly took time out of his busy schedual to snap this action shot of the Getoutgotravel team conquering "Big Red." We will give you some tips on how to achieve this monster, in our 4WD section coming soon.


You really must visit Matt's facebook page for some amazing photos

( MattographyMattWilliamsPhotography/)? 

The Getoutgotravel team dive with the Whale Sharks at Ningaloo

Diving with the whale sharks of Ningaloo
An awesome day snorkelling with the team from Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours.  We had a "whale" of a time and will never forget the experience.
Picked up right outside the fabulous Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday resort, where we stayed.
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