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Groups travelling

Groups travelling.

We now look at groups travelling. This could be male, female, families, clubs, aged, schools in fact any group that either travels together or are thinking of travelling in the future.

There is, going on a group travel or organising a group travel event. Going on a group travel adventure is great and there is much to think about here.

You really need to consider quite a few things, like who is going in the group, have you ever travelled with this group or type of travel before and will most of the travel be to your liking.

Going away with friends needs careful consideration. Over the years, we have seen many breakdowns in friendships whilst travelling. Remember, when you go away with others and groups, you are in close proximity for long periods of time. Our top tip here is to agree to disagree. There will always be something one will want to do that the other doesn’t.

Tip 0141 Agree to disagree

You don’t have to be in each others pockets and it is not a reflection of your relationships when you want to go it alone sometimes.

Tip 0142 Moods change in people

We are all different and want differing things from travel and life in general. So don’t expect others to be the same at the same point in time as you.

Travelling, especially with others can be very stressful.

Tip 0143 People are different under stress

To stop disappointment in your travelling as a group, allow in the pre travel planning stage to actually sit down together and discuss what each of you want from the trip and how you would individually like to go about things or do things when you get there. Allow for change also, don’t get all defensive because the others said “they where going to do this with us whilst we are there!” now they have changed their minds.

Remember, you have all paid hard earned dollars to go on this travel adventure and you all deserve to do your own thing as well as some group activities.

Organised travel

Organising group travel is a different thing altogether and can be a fairly difficult and stressful process, unless there is a theme which we go into in the themed section of this website.

Best practice is to ask around then set the travel adventure first.

Tip 0111 Set the adventure first

When you don’t have a destination, time or date and price already in mind, you will be in for a difficult time getting genuine interest or numbers up.

If you have the task of being in charge of organising a group travel adventure, you have maybe only two choices:-

One, it’s all down to you and you may have to deal with the consequences.

Two, you sit everyone down and thrash it all out. Regular contact is a must and strict time frames must be adhered to.

Once again we mention research and planning and this is paramount to a successful travel adventure among groups.

Tip 0112 Get money up front

The commitment of money to a group travel is one of the only ways to guarantee accurate numbers

You could start a fund or simply get money up front but we recommend not actually booking anything until you have hard cash in your hand.

Tip 0113 Confirmation of numbers

One of the biggest problems with group travel is definite confirmation of numbers.

The original idea of a group travelling is very appealing and many say they would love to come but reality clicks in and after conversations within family or friends and with trying to organise dates to suit everyone, many may drop out.

The best way to go about it is to give plenty of notice and set a date maybe even a year prior.

Many peoples diaries are full for up to and well over a year. So to achieve success and strong numbers, an early start will prove more effective.

It is very difficult to get everyone to go on a group travel adventure and the best tip we can give is to set the adventure and then fill it with numbers rather than ask around and then organise something.

Tip 0114 Set a firm date and stick to it

Adopt the philosophy of those that can’t make this trip, will try and make the next.

Sometimes the responsibility of organising, can detract for the organiser some of the enjoyment of the actual event. Bear in mind, the people who organise a group travel will almost certainly not enjoy it as much as the others.

Tip 0115 Be aware of spending other people’s money

Be mindful that not everyone will have the same finances as others may have. This is crucial for a happy outcome for all.

There are many ways to travel and you don’t all have to go first class to make this work.

Tip 0116 Make sure there is enough freedom if you need it

Either in organising or going on a group travel adventure, make sure you have time for your own needs. Make sure there is plenty of room or allow for down and alone time.

There is nothing wrong in going it alone for a bit.

Tip 0117 Deliver the goods

Don’t pack too much in and don’t disappoint your group. Be a little less overzealous in your descriptions of what is going to happen. Enthusiasm is great but can make for false hopes in others.

The last thing you want is to build everyone up and find or see disappointment in everyone’s faces during or at the end of your travels.

Tip 0118 Savings on group bookings

You can and will get some great deals for travelling as a group. Be it the whole travel deal or even just on an excursion. Travel operators will be rubbing their hands together when they see groups up for travel.

Be careful here though as you could find you have the same deal and ole matey boy travelling on his or her own. Do your research here guys.

Don’t be afraid to ask what’s on offer.

Tip 0119 Make the most of it

Above all you’re in a group, have fun and enjoy. That’s not to say go make a nuisance of yourselves. Being in a group not only draws attention but can become an issue if you are not aware of your immediate impact.

Think about your group members also and be caring and attentive.


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