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Tips 0161-0180

Tip 0161 Travel in right frame of mind
Tip 0162 Long distance or short journey
Tip 0163 This is your holiday
TIp 0164 Cultured and learned
Tip 0164a Guided tour od DIY
Tip 0165 Lazy or Adrenaline
Tip 0166 On the go day by day
Tip 0167 Static
Tip 0168 Pick the destination first
TIp 0169 Be careful what you pack
Tip 0170 Two days off pre travel
Tip 0171 Participation by all
Tip 0172 Kids need stimulation
TIp 0173 Kids have no concept of time
Tip 0174 Keepa few suprises
Tip 0175 Share the load
Tip 0177 Pack well for children
Tip 0176 Share your camera
Tip 0178 Single parent families
Tip 0180 Teen children near adults
Tip 0179 Free of kids

Tip 0161 Travel in the right frame of mind

Travel is something that should be done in a positive way which makes for a full on enjoyable experience all round.

Be mindful of why you're travelling. Are you running away from a situation be it a failed relationship, unsatisfying profession, or even a life crisis period? You could be thinking of travelling because you're bored of the humdrum life you are experiencing at the moment or it seems like a good idea at the time.

Most importantly it is generally best to travel once you have sorted back home issues and can fully immerse yourself in the moment. Travelling in the right frame of mind is essential for getting the most from your adventures.


We also refer you to our top Tip 0170 Two days off pre travel wind down


This allows you to fully wind down prior to your travelling, so you are in travel mode at the start and can enjoy your whole adventure rather than be on tenterhooks at the beginning. This also helps with being in the right frame of mind for travel.


There is always going to be the negative traveller, someone who is never satisfied with their lot. Some will take travelling in their stride with ease and this is generally the more seasoned traveller. On the other hand many of you will be a little apprehensive to say the least and a whole lot of you will be bordering on sheer panic and/or terror.

Looking around on your travels you see a world of people happily going about their travels and think, why am I the only one freaked out here!

We all put on brave faces and you may be forgiven in thinking that travel should and would be a very enjoyable experience for everyone but this is certainly not the case. If you have ever studied human behaviour or even just taken a moment to look around you on your travels, you would see a whole different picture than the seemingly happy go lucky travellers around you.

In this tip we try to assure mainly the worried to downright petrified category of traveller but we also address a couple of other issues in the negative traveller, seasoned traveller, to the do anything with ease traveller.

The nervous or apprehensive traveller

For some, travel is very stressful and riddled with fear. This could be over the means of travel, a previous experience or simply just being way outside your own or usual comfort zone.

If it is a phobia you have then there are various ways to overcome or at the very least, come to terms with your phobias enough to get you through the experience. There are many pre travel clinical psychologists out there and some travel companies and airlines have great advice and assistance for people with concerns and worries.

The right travel companion is another option to consider. The last thing you want whilst travelling with apprehension is your partner or companion, mocking or unsympathetic to your issues.

It is very important, if you are concerned at all about any aspect of travel, to express your concerns and have an understanding companion with you most, if not all of the way.

Again "planning" is a key piece of easing tensions and the more you know what is happening or going to happen, the more comfortable the whole process will become as it unfolds before you.

When you have a steady path in front of you and things start to wander a little, it is easy to get back on track and in doing so brings you back to your comfort zone.

The negative traveller

There will be some of you that will only see the negative in everything you do, see or acquire. This is in your personal make up and we really cannot give advice here other than, if every travel experience you have is never what you expect, then either your planning and research is failing you, or you really have to begin to wonder why this is the case! Try to see the positive in life as a general.

Having a positive mental attitude will certainly help and even if you can start out initially on your travels in this frame of mind, you might just get through the whole ordeal in one piece. If you live in the perfect bubble at home then we are sorry but the world is not perfect.

The seasoned traveller.

Well as we have said before within this website, nobody knows everything and there will always be a time in your travels that something unusual pops up. Even as a seasoned traveller you might be a little apprehensive at times and this is perfectly normal, after all you will be a little out of your comfort zone and excited as well. Try not to confuse the two. You may have a set routine for travel and all of a sudden things don't go completely as planned.

The apprehensive traveller

So many people don't travel in the right frame of mind and mainly because travel is not the norm. Like anything in life unless you practise regularly, travel can be for some an uncertainty and something that doesn't just roll off the tongue so to speak.

Top tip here is if you have separate issues to deal with outside of travel, try to resolve these first. This could be something as simple as a work project still on the go or a family health issue. There might be financial issues in the back of your mind, or relationship problems going on deep within.

Of course not all issues can be resolved pre travel. So if you cannot sort things before you leave, at least try to put them firmly in the back of your mind before you travel. Try to remember, to get the most from your travels, leave all your issues behind. They will definitely be there for you when you get back. Enjoy your you time.

If nothing can be done whilst travelling try not to concern yourself when matters are out of your control. Try also to remember that 98% of all your worries and fears never actually happen.

Tip 0162 Long distance or short journey

The main points being cost and time.

Top tip here is, a long distance travel isn't necessarily more expensive than a short trip. With special deals and budget travel, not only are long haul flights sometimes cheaper than short flights but there are other benefits with long travel too.

If you have a budget for travel, it would be prudent to cost in all aspects from beginning to end. Where you might spend more on one thing, you could save on others. So many think that saving on long distance flights gives them more funds for accommodation and spending money. When in fact, it can usually be the complete opposite.

Time could be your main issue here and of course long distance can eat into your travel. One thing to bare in mind is that, wherever you travel to in the world, you usually spend the best part of a day getting there and the same getting back, so try not to rule out long distance travel. By this we mean the travelling days to your destination are usually a write off and not much else happens apart from getting there, back and setting up shop so to speak.

If you are like us, travelling to a destination is also all part of our adventure, so you are really not losing out on long distance travel.

Tip 0163 This is "your" holiday

Now you could be going on holiday with your partner, family, friends or just alone. No matter how you travel remember it is "your" travel.

Top tip here is no matter who you travel with, set ground rules before you set off and allow for in your planning. There are many imposing people out there and even with the best will in the world, travel is all about you and what you want out of it!

You will not believe the amount of damaged relationships within family and friends that happen whilst travelling or on holiday. Remember that personalities can clash whilst in close proximity and therefore great tolerance should be given to those you care about but try not to be bowled over, or just go with the flow.

Very rarely people have exactly the same wants, needs and ideals, so when travelling with friends or other couples, try to respect each others requirements.

In travelling it is so easy to join in with the crowds and then suddenly find you are going/doing the wrong way/thing to where you thought you wanted to go/do.

If you find you have to be together, as either a couple, group or family, try to alternate. Pick individual days where each of you get something out of the day.

If you are after solitude and need your own space, don't be afraid to speak out and stand your ground. No one will think less of you. Instead of the rest going off and being worried about you all day for not joining in, they will know your requirements and respect you for it.

Be careful not to miss out. So many times we hear about those left behind during an adventure, missing out on the best bits of the travel. Remember, you are only there possibly once. Of course, the others could also miss out on what you are up to also. Whilst one group is up the mountain admiring a great waterfall, the other could be swimming with a whale shark in the ocean.

It is all travel so Getoutgoenjoy

Tip 0164 Cultured and learned

There are so many travelling adventures out there and you really don't have to go far to see differing cultures.

Our top tip here is immersion. When travelling to other countries no matter where, try to meet and integrate with the locals. Just sightseeing doesn't really give the whole picture. Try and be a traveller, not a tourist.

There will be many of you that take the leap into travel and then stop at the most convenient location and make this your "annual" travel experience and that's fine but there are so many other places, cultures and wonders to see. Try and think about travelling as stepping stones.

So you have made the first step

Tip 0164a Guided tour or DIY

We have often pondered on tour guide or DIY. Here we mean whilst travelling, go along on a guided tour or just stroll around on your own. Either are great and many times we have been somewhere and not fully grasped the complete meaning or get a full understanding of what a place is all about.

There are pros and cons for each. Obviously with a guided tour, you will learn a fair bit about the place you are at and tour guide knowledge is excellent nowadays. You will pay a premium for the privilege but you will also jump many queues and some countries rely on this income for their economic survival, so we encourage this most highly.

The down side of course is sometimes the tour is long and arduous and eats into what time you have in your travel. They usually cater for the majority, so as an individual, you may not quite get full value. You also may spend more time at one place rather than get to the area you actually want to stay longer at.

Personally we prefer to research the area first to get a full understanding and then peruse at our leisure. This gives you more time to immerse yourselves and stay longer where you want and not get rushed on by.

There is also a slight conveyor belt feel to some guided tours which detracts from the beauty of the regions.

Tip 0165 Lazy and chilled or adrenaline adventure.

Now this is all up to the individual but please bare in mind that not everyone on your travel adventure may be as enthusiastic as you might be and so be mindful of not only others unwillingness to take part but of their concerns for your safety also.

You can as a family do both lazy and adrenaline at the same time and it is not a prerequisite that one goes all go.  Don't be disappointed if the whole team doesn't want to come out to play.

Again we mention careful planning and even if you want a complete adrenaline adventure the whole time of your travel, allow a little down time between buzzes. This allows the body to recover and also allows the body to differentiate between adrenaline fixes and you will get more enjoyment out of all of them. Trust me I know this for a fact.

Our top tip here is, if you want an adrenaline filled travel adventure, get in shape before you travel. It is important to be physically fit to do many travel activities and to enjoy them to the max. Look after your body.

There is no fixed rule to be either on the go all the time or just chillaxing around the place. Personally a little of both works well and too much of one will become either boring or a chore.

Tip 0166 On the go day by day.

If you have planned a whistle stop tour, then the chances are you will be on the go a fair bit. You may want to see and do as much as you can whilst there and don't want to miss a thing.

Resign yourself to the fact that there will always be something that you will either miss or not have time for, especially if you are only on holiday for a couple of weeks.

You will not be able to fully immerse yourself in the culture of your destination by passing through. If you class your annual vacation as a taster, you will be more satisfied and enjoy the moments that you have fair better.

Take your time relax and enjoy is our top tip. Rushing nine times out of ten, will not get you anywhere faster. When you rush, you miss!

If you have to be on the go a lot whilst travelling, remember to take short breaks when you can, hydrate yourselves regularly and take many pictures. There will be a lot you forget.

Tip 0167 Static

Static is quite simply bliss. Just heading off, getting somewhere amazing and plonking your bags down and chilling is the bomb. A Sanctuary or private island is heaven and this is travelling but think about why you are there. You don't have to spend a small fortune getting somewhere if you are just staying in the hotel or place of accommodation for relaxation.

You can pick destinations that all there is to do is relax, which stops you getting out there after a few days of RnR, gallivanting or heading off again and raising the stress levels.

Beware though, some destinations can be a little too reclusive and if you change your mind mid flow you may be left wanting on your return.

The key here is research and planning as always. Make sure you choose a place that suits your needs and if you are a little fickle then choosing somewhere that has a little bit of everything might be the way to go.

Tip 0168 Pick the destination first

This is a good idea especially for families and small groups.  You really don't want to go somewhere that only satisfies half the group. So this is where family sit downs and think tanks are a great social interaction pre travel. A bit like sitting down at the dinner table for meal times. It all adds to the hype of travel and enjoyment of the whole process.

Hopefully this travel will not be the last place you are going to in your lifetime and what some may not be able to do on this trip will certainly be able to do on the next.

Top tip here is to all have a personal bucket list and try and incorporate at least one from each list into your impending travel adventure. Bucket lists should not just be about where you want to go but what you would like in life. So you may not be able to go somewhere on this trip but you most certainly will be able to do something that you would like when you are there.

Tip 0169 Be careful what you pack

We have a whole section on packing in the "Processes" section of this website and direct you there.                                                          

You always have the dilemma of how much should we take and do we really need all this.


As you become more experienced you will find that you really don't need that much gear and the amount of times you come back with a whole heap of stuff that you never even touched diminishes drastically.

Of course dependant on the type of travel and destination will determine the type of garments you need and travelling to colder climes means more weight. Similarly the need of extra accessories for say hiking, diving equipment and the likes of skiing etc, will take your weight a lot higher.

Our top tip here is, to think about your weight allowances. This is where so many travellers get caught out and stung.

With personal fuel economy, budget airlines and more affordable travel, what you take with you for travelling is and can be costly and cumbersome.

General rule of thumb is travel as light as possible. This gives you the most flexibility in all cases excuse the pun!

Apart from having light luggage in your personal motorised travel which will help keep fuel economy to a minimum, make sure that what you are taking especially in flight travel, is allowed to go all the way to your destination and of course back again.

Now you may think this a weird comment but you really need to check all parts of your travel, especially if you have connecting flights with another airline. Also confirm your weight allowances for your added transfers to and from accommodation and connecting island ferry crossing etc,.

Tip 0170 Two days off pre travel wind down

This is a great tip and has always worked well for me personally. This tip was passed on to me many years ago by a very dear friend.

If you can afford to, try and take two days off prior to the commencement date of your travel. This is particularly aimed at the business man/women.

So many times we set off on our travels still worrying about our business/work and life in general. How many of you still have your mobiles on just as you are about to board your flight out? Yes we all do it and we are still at a heightened state of stress and emotion.

Most people in the first two days never completely wind down enough to really enjoy their travel or vacation and miss a fair amount of the initial enjoyment. At the same time nearing the end of your journey the stress levels start kicking in as we begin to think about what we are coming back to.

If you can't pack up two days prior to travelling, think about beginning your travel on say a Monday where you have the whole weekend to de-stress and wind down. Alternatively try to at least start thinking more about what is to come, rather than what has just happened and vice versa on your travel return.

This tip definitely works and we highly recommend it, to Getoutgotravel completely chilled and ready. It also is a great way for you and the family or your partner to really get in the mood for all the excitement ahead.

Tip 0171 Participation by all

Pre travel, unless you are planning a surprise travel adventure, our top tip here is making sure you all get involved.

As said before, children of an age up to say 10-12 are fairly easy to convince and almost any travel adventure will be exciting for them. Having said that, not all kids are a breeze and the older they are the more work you have to put in.

Pitch it to them. Well of course this travel experience needs to suit all concerned, so a discussion by the grownups should take place first, or you could end up pleasing the children and not yourselves.

Try and decide what you want first from the experience and then look to find common ground. The last thing you want is to have conflict whilst travelling. Children have no idea about the stress you could be under, after all, it’s hard enough just travelling alone without having to juggle others at the same time.

Most travels have many aspects to them and can easily be tailored to suit most individuals. The key here is to inform your children of the unknown. All children have concerns, especially when being taken from their comfort zones. They will be unsure of many things like, can they take their favourite teddy, will there be a McDonalds there or will they still be able to use the computer.

Once you have the type of travel adventure in mind, assemble the troupes and start to plan all the things they can do and see along the way. Try and ask them what they would like to do rather than tell them what they would like. You can direct them here of course. You will be amazed at the amount of education they will get from the pre planning alone!

Plan the itinerary but not too strict to avoid disappointment during your travels should things slip off track a little or you need to change plans.

You will often get asked or even want to take your child’s friend/s along too. This is fine of course but do realise this will put added pressure on not only you but your children too. With a friend in tow there is a certain amount of unexpected independence to deal with.

Tip 0172 Kids need stimulation

This you will already know but when at home it is easy to say just go to your room and play or go off to the park for a while.

We all tend to forget that when travelling your children are in a strange environment and will need a lot more stimulation than you think. Children’s attention span is a lot shorter than in adults and whilst travelling this can get very frustrating.

If your children are of an age to be able to make use of a camera, this is an excellent way of bridging some of the gaps. Digital cameras nowadays are fairly inexpensive and give instant results in mind occupation.

Our main tip here is to have lots of differing toys, games and/or entertainment to stimulate over the whole travel period. Portable craft is the key especially when linked to your particular travel. Adult conversation not only sooths a child whilst travelling but will also stimulate and even educate as you go.

Tip 0173 Kids have no concept of time

This is a great tip in general and many families are completely unaware of this fact.

Have you ever wondered why it takes children so long to get ready for school in the morning? You might think that they have half hour to just wash, brush their teeth and put the school uniform on but they have no idea how long half hour is! Their minds get easily distracted and each minor task to them becomes a mission, as they giggle, glare at the television, tickle and push each other, fidget and play with their toys. Then they wonder why you keep on at them to get ready!

“Are we there yet?” yes we’ve all heard that one. Take this tip with you whilst travelling and try to keep it in mind when you start to get frustrated.

Trying to explain a time frame to a child is like the phrase “How long is a piece of string?”

A good way of explaining a period of time is like comparing it to something your child knows, like the length of time they are at school, or how often Christmas comes around. How long dinner takes to eat or how long a television commercial, children’s television or soap series is.

You will be sure to be in trouble if you say, we will meet you on the beach in an hour after we have been down the shops.

Tip 0174 Keep a few surprises up your sleeve

Mix it up a little. Not just for the kids, plan a special event for your partner or even just for yourself. Treat yourselves to a spa pamper package or morning golf lesson. A romantic shorefront meal whilst the children are at the kids club.

It is always fun to have just a few surprises up your sleeve and this always seems to make a travel experience just that little bit more special.

Most people remember the unusual rather than the norm, even if it turns out to be a complete disaster!

You could arrange for the kids bedrooms to be redecorated whilst you’re away, or the whole house spring cleaned before you come home.

Tip 0175 Share the load

If you’re a couple with or without a family our best tip for you is to share the load!

Whether it is pre, post or during your travelling adventures, please make a conscious effort to work as a team. There is no excuse for laziness or complacency. This will also put you in good stead for any relationship also.

Try and remember this travel adventure is for you all.

This also works in your favour too. Top tips here are, whilst one of you is collecting your checked luggage at the airport, the other could be reserving your space on the transfer bus or one could be retrieving your luggage from the bus as the other is queuing up at the airport check in desk.

A little bit of forethought can get you to the front of the queue every time.

Tip 0176 Share the camera

Even if you are not particularly good at photography, please share the camera around.

Many times people come back from an exciting travelling adventure to find they are not in any of the pictures because they have been taking the shots all the time.

With the auto digital era, clicking the shot is free and costs nothing. So even if you think or have been told you are no good as a photographer, grab the camera or take a second one along and point and click. You might just surprise yourself and be in the right place at the right time.

Regularly check your photos to see if you got what you were trying to capture. So many of you come home to find that the pictures of that special place were all blurred or the lens cap was still on.

It is a great idea to take a small laptop for downloading pictures whilst you travel. Not only can you see as you go but you can make sure you have backup and free up additional space on your SD cards for more wonderful photos.

Tip 0177 Pack well for children

Give some serious thought to what your children will be carrying around with them whilst travelling with you.

Weight and access to their packs are just as important, as to what is inside of them. Having a cute pink, frilly or Dora the explorer backpack with a large compartment, isn’t always the way to go. Do you want everything to spill out all over the airport just as your plane is about to board?

Heavy packs makes for tired and irritable children, so more for you to carry and deal with. The secret in packing for children is lightweight, multi-stimulation, many compartments and most of all fun.

Obviously try and include some favourites in there but also keep adding differing stimulants throughout your travel. Keep adding a few surprises every couple of days, like a new colouring book, sweet or game. Think of games rather than toys.

Tips 0161-0180

Tip 0178 Single parent families

A lot more planning and research is the key for single parent families. Picking the right sort of travel that will suit your circumstances would be a good start but please don’t let this limit you or make you unadventurous.

Most travellers are like minded people and are aware of each others circumstances mainly from experience. A lot would have “been there done it” sort of thing and are very sympathetic to the single parent families. Everyone tends to help each other out as we are all in the same boat, so to speak.

Single parents with very young children have it especially hard as they have everything to carry. Think about travel where you do not constantly have to carry everything about. Maybe a one stop trip, a cruise or with a group, family and friends, that either have similar aged children or are happy to share the load.

Look at travel to places that have a crèche to allow you some down time for yourself. What about Gramps and Grandma? Either bring them along or have them look after the children while you have a much needed break.

Tip 0180 Teenage children near adults

Top tip here is set the ground rules way before you set off on your travels.

As much as your teenage children think they know best, the simple fact is “They don’t” and in any case, who is paying for all this!

When travelling away from home, everyone including you are on unfamiliar territory and a completely different set of parameters need to be considered.

It is so important to stress at pre-travel stage the differences between home life and travelling. If they are mature enough they will at pre travel stage show attentiveness and complete understanding to the many problems that may and can occur, not only for them but for you as a parent.

Teenagers will swing the lead and can make your well looked forward to travel adventure a living nightmare not ever to be repeated, so try not to fall for the doe eyed poor little me trick.

Worst case scenario, make it quite clear that there is an open ended return ticket that you will use should you need to.

As said before, it’s all about pre planning and togetherness. Remember the chances are you only have 16-18 years of family travel with each child, which could be as little as 14 holidays as a family unit. So make the most of each trip.

Tip 0179 Free of kids

This can be a double edged sword. Whilst travelling you may want some free time away from the kids but be warned! Once freedom is given, you may not see them again until  the end of your travels.

Children crave independence and what you thought was going to be a time travelling with the children could end up being a distant relationship and a whole lot of worrying by the grownups.

Of course children need to learn independence but be mindful on how much is given and how it affects your travels or what you expected from travelling with the family.

Travel tip 0161 Travel in the right frame of mind
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