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Reasons for travel refined

Reasons for travel, refined.


We show below a brief and very small set of possibilities for each set of categories , to give you a snapshot and quick idea of one or two types of tips and advice you could gain from by clicking on the various links. This will take you to a more in depth set of circumstances, leading to tips that could and invariably will help you in your quest to GetOutGoTravel.

So if your circumstances are that you are looking for a complete life changing experience of say travelling the world till you drop, or you just want to maybe take yourselves off for a year or two trying it out, just click on "Life Change" tab and this will take you straight to the categories that best describe your set of circumstances.

Do you intend to be a tourist or traveller? There shouldn't really be a difference but there is! This is important and you may think it's all the same thing but as a tourist you will no doubt want a whistle stop tour of where ever you decide to go and undoubtedly take more excursions and local trips to get a feel for the place you visit. Whereas a traveller will more likely have more time on hand to fully immerse themselves in the culture of the countries you're in, or plan to visit.

You may be a novice traveller and this could be your first attempt at dipping your toe in the ocean, never even applied for a passport, or are happy exploring your own country as a starter. Click on the "First time" tab and open your eyes to the wonderful world of travel.

As a seasoned traveller you will by now have loads of experience in travelling the world and probably got the bug and travel at least once a year, maybe more than once or twice. You will no doubt have it all under control and have heard it all before but we are sure you will by now understand that you can never know enough and that the world is a constantly changing and evolving entity. Apart from picking up the odd snippet of information on this site, we welcome you to also join in with our forum and share a thing or two from our own vast experience.

A Day tripper  and yes, there is something here for everyone. You may just have the odd day or two to nip out and experience a day out. Yes there's loads here for you also. Do you remember to check out the weather, put the bins out before you leave. Have someone collect the newspaper that might be laying on the lawn outside till you come home. even for one day there are so many tips and advice here for every aspect of travel.

Long weekends away can start from booking your extra day off from work, a Monday, Friday or both gets you more time to go further or stay longer. Have you thought of going away midweek to avoid the crowds, or plan out of holiday season? Maybe during a full moon phase or even setting out a couple of hours earlier to miss prime time traffic rush hour. Checking for road works also helps in getting there and back quicker and easier.

Vacations of two or three weeks. Now we begin to need even more planning and there are a lot more tips and advice. Where do we start here? Well planning is the key for a start and simple things like copying your passports and emailing yourself copies of the same, insurance policies, visas and the like.

Family travelling can be a stressful experience but if you make time you can alleviate a lot of that stress in so many ways. Ever thought of taking the grandparents with you?  Some "tricks of the tips" are great and sometimes ole gramps will be so happy he has been asked, he may even pay for it all. Now there's a bonus if ever I saw one. A flip side to that is you could also leave the nippers with them and have another honeymoon, or reaffirm those dusty old vowels.

Travelling alone is a blast. There are great ideas here and pros and cons of backpacking, flash packing, hotel, motel, you name it there's a tip for everything. Travelling alone can be a soul searching experience or a manic party life. Personally I've travelled months at a time on my own and never had a day without human company. In fact I couldn't get away from you lot.Ha! The world is full of like minded travellers out there and as you travel, you meet so many people who are either travelling the same direction as you or have just come from where you are going. Pick their brains, you can't go wrong.

​Groups and troupes! Wow now if you're going to do it, do it large. There are lots to think about here! Are you going with a group you know, a load of strangers, foreigners or even a differing age group? Believe it or not travelling with friends may not be the best idea you've ever had but it can also be the best thing you will ever do. Greatest tip on the page will be "make sure you set ground rules"! You might find out your besties become your enemies by the end of it and no one wants that! Grouping can lead to so much fun though and I thoroughly recommend  it.

The businessman or woman will have it all sown up but believe it or not there are a lot of extremely stressed out nervous travellers amongst you lot, trust me I know it. Apart from that there could be tax advantages here as well as perks if you know how to go about travelling the right way. Making sure you're prepared and fresh for your meeting when you get there. Club class lounges from frequent flying are there but you might find you can't use them if you book with separate airlines. I booked once with one airline my complete route only to find that their airline partners don't honour the lounges in various countries. Go figure!!!

Themed Travel and this could be anything from an organised trip from a company, to skiing, kayaking or trekking in a group. White water rafting you name it, someone, somewhere has had the bright idea to organise travelling with a theme. Again loads of fun to be had by one and all but there could be trouble ahead! Make sure you know exactly what's entailed and what is expected of you. A Paintball trip to Barcelona  could end up being a trip home in a stretcher. Trust me I know what I'm talking about here.

Immigration and here there will be a colossal library of tips eventually. Having migrated to Australia some ten years ago now, I  can guarantee there will only be a handful of people that will not need any tips on this subject.  Top tip here is "YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME!" pre migration. Trust me again, the week before you leave, you will be running round like a headless chicken and will be stressed to the max. Another great tip is the pro's and con's of taking everything with you.

Volunteering! Yes volunteering is in here too. I told you every conceivable travel aspect is on this wonderful website. Again there are so many tips and advice here that will make for interesting reading. Pack light and take a suitcase full of useful items for where you're going. Remember what you are going for! Sometimes a little sacrifice on your behalf can mean so much for those you wish to help. Even to the point of leaving all your personal clothes behind on your last day and coming home with a whooping great smile on your face and of course a camera packed full of happy memories!.



Well there it is and we will be adding more categories as the site builds. The world is vast, a complex and ever evolving entity with many differing cultures, situations and circumstances arising on a daily basis. We all find it very difficult to know everything there is out there. Some things may be blatantly obvious to some and not others but others may be a little more street wise that others.

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