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Travel Insurance



Not being a great lover of insurance full stop, I have to be a hypocrite here and say it's a must.

You simply can't risk not having insurance when you travel. We all would like to hope that our travels will be free of problems but the fact is, there are too many variables in travel to risk not having it.

Insurance also takes the worry out of most of your travelling but make sure you are covered for the type of travelling you will be doing.

Having travelled extensively we have had to use our insurance companies many times and obviously the more you travel the more chances are that you too will need to call upon them also.

Tip 0250 Check what you're covered for

Insurance can cover you for the whole travel experience you will be commencing. It can cover you for complete cancellation of everything to just the loss of a camera.

Costs from some countries around the world should something go wrong, can result in you losing everything you own.

Having said all this, once again research is the key and you really need to read the fine print here to know you have the right coverage for your type of travel. This is also the same for Credit Card companies that say you are covered if you pay for your travel by card.

Tip 0251 Annual/multi trip insurance

If you are planning on travelling more than once a year, look at savings by getting annual insurance. You have to be very careful here to read the fine print and make sure you are covered properly for each trip you take.

Tip 0252 Travelling for over three months.

Many insurance companies mainly cover your stock standard two to three week holiday and when you are travelling for longer periods, it is a good idea to shop around and see what insurance companies give you adequate cover for longer periods of travel.

Tip 0253 Am I covered for this?

Don't forget when on holiday, "will my current insurance policy cover me for this activity"?

So many people forget this when they decide it would be a good idea to go say cage shark diving off the coast of South Australia or jump the Devils Pool, Victoria Falls. Be wary of disclaimers too.

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