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First time traveller

Story 15 First time flying Balearics


My first trip by plane was when I was 18 years old and with my then girlfriend, we went over to Minorca for our first airline trip together.

Our flight over happened to be one of the worst fights I have ever been on in my life and I've been on a few flights in my time, some 45 per year at one point.

For two weeks I agonised over flying home as I thought all flights were the same. Not telling my then girlfriend of my anxiousness, I was seriously thinking of leaving her to come home by boat.

On the return day, I plucked up enough courage to get myself into the plane and held on for dear life, only to find that obviously flights aren't like the one we had the misfortune of being on two weeks before.


Moral of this story is that 99% of travel is usually fairly smooth 99% of your journey.  Flight in particular, is reported as the safest  form of transport and even with the news you hear of disasters, in general you have more chance of ceasing to exist in your own kitchen.

Tip 0081
Story 15 First time flying

First time traveller

Tip 0080 Nothing to be scared of


Well welcome to the wonderful world of travelling and the main thing to think about, travelling is just like any other time you leave the house but with a little more thought, preparation and planning.


This site is jam packed full of information, tips and advice that you can look at whenever you have a question or need to know something and if it's not here, you can always join in on our forum, ask away and don't worry about if the type of question seems ridiculous. It often is the apparently most silliest questions that are the most import ones to find out about.


Of course the more you travel the easier it becomes and as said before, take little steps first then as you progress it won't feel so daunting.

You may be dipping your toe in the water and start off with a small trip away from home, or you could be thinking of just jumping in at the deep end and see how you go.


We have on this site a full list of "processes for travelling" in every conceivable way, so check this out too by clicking on the link which will take you right to the beginning.  

Depending on what type of travelling you intend to take on first, 

will depend on how much you will need to know but take time to navigate through this site and it will put you in good stead for your exciting new adventure.


There are some essentials to take with you wherever you travel and these change dependant on type of travel.

Tip 0081 Leave a trace


Most importantly, we suggest you inform someone close to you, where you are planning to go and for how long you intend being away. This is not a mothering issue, it's common sense!

We are guessing here we are now all grown up and the chances are nothing will ever happen but leaving this information makes for a safer time travelling and in the extremely rare case of someone getting say lost, stranded or left behind, it makes life a lot easier retracing your steps and recovery.


When you're at your destination check in and let people know where you go on a daily basis and try to contact home to let friends know you arrived safe and sound.

This is not just for the younger generation either. It is for everyone! This day and age with all the social networking easily available to all, there is no reason not to do this simple thing.

Tip 0082 Provide contact details


Leave contact details of your destination too, in case back home needs to contact you. The amount of times people go away even for a day or two and something happens back home. Now this doesn't necessarily mean bad news. It could be about a possible job offer or that your sister has just given birth early. Good news is often worth celebrating with a cold one when travelling.




The experienced traveller would only be concerned about their passport, drivers licence and credit card and you will also obviously need a passport for international travel with any appropriate visas. Money in the form of some cash and nowadays credit/debit card and or travellers cheques. A drivers licence and or identification card and your basic essentials for day to day living.


For domestic travel you would still need most of the above minus the passport. These are the bare essentials but there are more essentials to take with you if you're not experienced.

Your medical card, insurance certificate for travel, a copy of your itinerary and booking tickets. Other essentials are more for financial benefits, like packing repelants, sun screens, personal medications and the like. These may be more affordable in your own country and certainly more affordable than local tourist traps. Also specifics pertaining to the type of travel you are going on i.e. ski wear, camping extras, mountain climbing gear, hiking wear, diving equipment, the list is endless.


Do research though as some countries will be cheaper than your own and lots of people travel solely to pick up a bargain and virtually pay for their trip with the proceeds.


There will be many of you out there that have not travelled for the fear of flight and or any other mode of transportation. This is a difficult one and sometimes there is no logic to phobias but you may also be afraid of travelling because of a bad experience in your past somewhere.

Tip 0083 Travelling is safer than being in your kitchen.


There are also great medications for adults and even placebo ideas for children that assist for some types of travel where you might suffer from travel or sea sickness.


We do hope some of our information assists in getting you to

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