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Tips! How it all Works


So now it gets interesting and here we show you how to navigate around this site to get to the most out of any tips you require for your travel ahead.


Well now we're here in the thick of it all and in this section we share an extensive compendium of tips that we feel will be of use at all stages of your travelling revelation. After our first sit down think tank and within two hours only,  we have identified over 100 aspects and processes of travel with loads of tips for each and then a further sub division of categories which will make for thousands of tips, ideas and points of advice.

And we've only scratched the surface!


Below we have simplified and divided all into 5 main heading:-



 1. Numerical Index of Tips. 0-9999



 2. Reasons to Travel



 3. Processes of Travel



 4. Features of Travel



 5. Forum for interaction



Here in each heading there is a description of what you get and the various ways to find what you are looking for. They are all linked and easy to go to, from one to the other. We will also be adding videos and pictures where we can help to show and explain various tips, links and stories of how some tips came about.

This is a website with actual tips, ideas, advice and information that has already been tried and tested from personal experience in the real world. Everything here has either already happened, or nearly happened as a consequence.

We will also be adding a browser as the site increases. To find out exactly what you are looking for, just type in the word/s closest to what you need.


  1.  Index of Tips


First of all you can go straight to the tips only index and browse at your leisure all the tips , advice and useful information that will assist you to GetOutGoTravel.  You may also like to join in with our Forum where we all chat about travel experiences and learn from each other and pick up tips and ideas for travel.


  2.  Reasons to travel


Secondly we break down and categorise the differing reasons for travel and this is and can be so varied. Be it a total change of life structure, taking a permanent life of travelling or maybe  several years travelling the world. You may be thinking of Immigration and or work relocation somewhere completely different or just about to retire, or plan to shortly.  Volunteering, gap years, a long weekend, annual vacation, or plain just down the pub for a quick ale! The list of reasons are endless as there are so many aspects to travel


  3.  Processes of travel


Thirdly and a more direct approach to finding the best tips and advice for your particular needs, we have a full list category taking you through the whole processes needed to travel. Commencing from conception of travel, all the way through the initial journey researching, planning, financing and differing types of travel available, along the paths of booking, decision making and different ways to travel. To packing, pre departure, setting off and getting the most out of your adventures and along the way loads of tips, ideas, hints and gems, that we ensure you'll want to GetOutGoTravel again and again, time after time.


  4.  Features of travel


Fourth we have a special section that takes into account the "niche travel" and this would be for travellers that enjoy a specific set of parameters that cater for their needs. We cover to name a few, the camping, hiking, boating and skiing aspects of travel, with the whys, wherefores, benefits and problems of confines within each area.


  5.  Forum for interaction


Fifth and here we are hoping for much interaction, we have the "Forum" where we will be looking for anyone with useful and interesting comments on anything travel related. Often we learn from others on their unique experiences in travel and the many stories when you come back from somewhere, often quite amusing and highlight any new and useful tips or categories onto our main tips pages.


All five areas will be linked to hopefully get you immediately to some very handy tips, ideas, advice, information and fun along the way.


There will be tips and advice that may seem obvious to some and not so obvious to others but we feel there is something here for everyone.


Hope you enjoy and                 GetOutGoTravel!


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