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Get Out Go

The count down has started!

With currently 270 tips and just the tip of the iceburg, we launch end of August 2016

Watch out for our ten day count down.

One day to Launch

1 day till launch

Well the long awaited launch is tomorrow evening and we can't wait for you all to check it out.

This is a fun website and we hope you all join in and share some of your very own tips and ideas on our forum, as well as hopefully take a few tips onboard from our website already.

We have literally just begun forming the scaffold of this site and have thousands of tips waiting to be added but want to include them all tastefully.

As this site evolves we have realised it is endless and we hope to grow with all our supporters over the coming years, as we travel further, explore as much of this wonderful world as we can and share our experiences for all to enjoy and inspire you all to.........


1 day till launch

We will also be linking videos of tips and ideas as the site develops and our first video is for Tip 0223.  Check it out!

This will be an eye opener or (bag opener) for many we are sure.

1 day till launch

Check out our first special feature page, all about camping. There will be loads more to follow. Having just got back from a 3 week camping trip of some 8000 kilometres around central Australia we will be adding more tips and useful information asap.

1 day till launch

All our pictures are from our extensive travelling experiences and are linked in a fun way to each tip also. We hope you enjoy each photo and please feel free to comment on why "each pic is with each tip."

1 day till launch

Don't forget to checkout our "Tip of the week," "Picture of the week" and "Video of the month. You might like to send in some of your tips, pictures or videos for inclusion.

1 day till launch and with just under 300 tips already listed we are only just under 7% of what we expect to have when fully evolved.

1 day till launch

We anticipate well over 5000 tips and this is without external input via our website "Forum" or "Facebook" page. Please join in the fun and contribute.

1 day till launch

With two main areas to navigate the website "Processes" and "Reasons" for travel, each tip is tailored for your specific set of travelling circumstances.

1 day till launch

There is a "Top tip chart" which you will be able to check to see if your tips make our top 30, or you can vote for the best tip on the site, via our "Forum"

1 day to launch date

1st Sept 16


 Welcome to GetOutGoTravel with Jules and Dougie



Coming soon, an exciting, fun and informative collation of experienced tips, ideas, advice and in depth knowledge of travelling the world.


Be it a lifestyle change of travelling the world till you drop, a simple vacation or maybe thinking of migrating, to a day trip. There will be something for everyone.

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