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Getoutgotravel discovers Fiji's best kept secret!

Wait for it, here it comes

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone

Naqalia Shark Feeding
Island hopping in the Yasawa's Fiji
Fly to your Island of choice
Pool at Octopus Resort
Islands of Yasawa
Diving at Paradise Cove Resort
Islands of Yasawa
Snorkel with the marine life
VIew at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort
SPear Fishing at Naqalia Lodge
One mile stretch of beach
Baby turtle sanctuary
Islands of Yasawa
Surprising what you see snorkeling
Amazing pool at Nadi Resort
Go diving with the professionals
On a hike from Nanuya Island Resort
Transfer from Awesome Adventures
Islands of the Yasawa's
View from Octopus Resort
Bounty Island Resort
Islands of the Yasawa's
Best Pizzas at Tanoa International
Islands of the Yasawa's
Foot massage at Nanuya Resort Spa
One of the many villages
Life at Bounty Island Resort
Sawa-I-Lau Caves


Travelling around the  

Yasawa's in Fiji

Awesome Adventures

Turtle Airways

Nadi Bay Resort

Naqalia Lodge

Octopus Resort

Paradise Cove Resort

Nanuya Island Resort

Blue Lagoon Beach


Bounty Island Resort

Tanoa International Hotel

We show you Fiji's best kept secret.                             

The Yasawa's !

There are 9 separate island groups that make up the well known archipelago of Fiji. 332 individual Islands in all and the Yasawa Islands all 20 of them are probably the most unspoiled of them all.

Many people have heard of or been to the Mamanucu Islands, set off the northwest coast of the largest island Viti Levu , home of the capital, Suva but venture further a field and you continue on to the real unspoiled Fiji that time has still forgot, The Yasawa's.

This area of Fiji is often mistaken as too far to get to and too expensive but you might be wrong. We show how easy it is to get about and how to Backpack, Flashpack, 5 Star travel or even (Crashpack), our new term at Getoutgotravel.


Click on                                              to take you to a whole new world and a special adventure.

See actual walk through videos of resorts and accommodation.

Getoutgotravel take the "BAZ BUS" in South Africa

TIp 0354 The Baz Bus


Probably one of our best tips in our "Destinations" Section on travelling around South Africa.

The Baz Bus is a hop-on hop-off, door to door bus service between Cape Town and Johannesburg, with stops all along the coast, operating in both directions. They can pick-up and drop-off at the door of your accommodation (140 backpacking hostels on their list) in 40 different towns in South Africa. You then just need to choose where to stop and organise your trip exactly like you want.

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